My Rape Stories

It’s been a very silent time here. I’m sorry for being so, got a lot on my plate. It’s quite unfortunate that this is what I’m talking about after a long time but can’t keep silent about the horrific trending rape events going around. Also, reading my friend’s (Yetunde Olasiyan’s Blog) ordeal made me quickly put this down.

My opinion about rapists is from another angle. I wouldn’t suggest immediate castration or lynching because trust me, innocent people will suffer for this as well. I feel they should be arrested immediately and jailed for life without parole. I know some will frown at my opinion but I’ll let you know why shortly.

The first time I was molested was when I was about 8years old thereabout. At that time, my mum was heavy with child and was running a course, so dad would drop I and my elder brother off at my paternal grandmother’s place. (I’m not sure my elder bro knows about this but I just told the younger one and he went livid).

Granny’s place was a big house with tenants which she shared with, part of whom was one of my uncle’s friends. This friend had his apartment decked up like a bachelor would at that time. So, whenever NEPA did well I and my bro would go to his apartment to watch movies since granny never had interesting things to offer us.

This fateful day, Uncle F wasn’t around but he always left his apartment open for us, just in case. So I went in all by myself. I think my bro must have been playing around the compound. As I was trying to figure out the T.V and video player, Uncle B came in, thinking his friend Uncle F was around. On seeing he met his friend’s absence, he decided to try his luck.

He asked me to come sit on his laps.  I’ll have you know that I was always bigger than my age but this man knew I was a kid ‘cos he was my uncle’s friend too. Asking me to sit on his laps sounded funny to me ‘cos there was plenty space for me to sit or even lounge. So I said No! If you know me, you’d know I can be fearless and blunt. My refusal shocked Uncle B so much that he turned it into a threat. I still didn’t buldge and that’s when he started chasing me around the apartment. Thankfully, the door wasn’t locked and that was how I escaped, because the house was deserted at that time. Only my granny was in the whole compound, so I wouldn’t have gotten any help. Up till today, my uncle doesn’t know, neither does Uncle F.

Sometimes ago, I asked my mum of Uncle B’s whereabout and she told me that he’s now in a vegetable state (who knows what atrocities he has committed to have caused that?). Then I told her what he attempted…

The second attempt was when I was a bit new in Lagos. But let me go back to my opinion.

Who are these men that have been attempting and successfully committing these attrocities? They are OUR brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, teachers, religious leaders, colleagues, trusted friends, fiancés, sons! Some of them are part of those shouting “castrate them! My heart bleeds for my daughters!! (The one you did to someone’s daughter nko?).

If you ask them, they will say it was when they were ignorant! Or before they gave their lives to Christ or before they became fervent with whatever they believe in.

Don’t let’s focus on those that are justifying the act alone, let every man who has ever done this whether successfully or unsuccessfully change their ways and get forgiveness from God and man, ‘cos they won’t go scot free!!!

Honestly, I don’t care where they get the idea from, but let’s also do right by teaching the male child that they don’t have any right to a female’s body at any age! And don’t let’s forget that men get molested and raped as well.

I’ll tell my other Rape Story in the next post.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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  1. Ojuola Eunice says:

    The issue of rape has been a long thing both home n abroad but the fight against it isn’t enough cos even our authorities are found wanting too. Only God can help salvage the situation. My prayer is to God will preserve our children from d evil men/women of this world. Thank God u escaped sis .

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      A very big Amen to that and thanks, Sis.


  2. Funmi says:

    It is well with our children. …..because the rate at which rape stuff is going around is powerful. …….please let watch our back and of our children. ….no one is safe.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Exactly, no where is safe.


  3. I read this while imagining how you were running round the room. How can anyone go through this at eight years? I feel sorry for those men who have won a visa lottery to the hottest part of hell.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Looking back, I wonder how I knew what he asked of me was wrong, ‘cos its not as if I had been given sex education at that age. Let’s just say God saved me. Oh, he’s already in hell with his vegetable state and for those who haven’t boarded their flights, it will soon be announced!


  4. Just Jodie says:

    Good post! Thank you for sharing. Our stories help each other.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks, Just. Sharing definitely does.

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  5. shedrackamy says:

    Https:// / 2020/08/2/why-should-we-talk-about-rape

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  6. shedrackamy says: /2020/08/2/why-should-we-talk-about-rape


  7. shedrackamy says:

    Nice post.
    My recent post talks about why we should talk about rape as individuals.
    Click on the link above to check it out★

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