A similar case to the previous post happened here in Ibadan, right inside Gbagi Market. A lady who obviously felt it was her duty to take responsibility for her younger siblings did so but got shot in the leg! Did I say leg?

I meant body soul and spirit, please. She and her husband had struggled to build a business empire in the textile industry. So she literally adopted her sisters, brought them into her matrimonial home and showed them the reins in the same business, not minding that they could become her greatest competitors. Unfortunately, not only did they compete with her, she was uprooted from her home and dethroned from her business empire. It would have been less harsh to the ears if it was just one sister or just being her greatest competitors in business, but Twin sisters from the same womb (I know that’s tautology but it’s written so as to clear all doubts), started having affairs with their elder sister’s husband, got pregnant for him. The elder sister couldn’t stand the sight of the devil-incarnate sisters she had been gifted from the same womb, left her matrimonial home and everything it came with. Now, the twin sisters are with the same husband handling the same business in textiles and minding their business with no worries up till date!

Who was at fault? The woman, the twin sisters or the husband? Or do you think it might have been an outside job from another competitor in the same market? Kindly air your thoughts in the comments.

Affirmatively, marriage isn’t for the feeble!

It’s my aim from all these real life stories, to make both single and married get re-orientated about what marriage could be. It’s very important for the two people involved to be of the same or complimentary values, to have the same goals or the union may not last. Because, despite being in sync there will be trying periods and those are some of the things that will make the union stand the test of time. After all, marriage is to be enjoyed, not endured. Particularly to singles, the goal shouldn’t be to get married or stay married. It should be staying HAPPILY married till death.

Thank you, for reading so far. I still crave your comments and feel free to share, please.


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  1. Wura says:

    Kayefi nla some family foundation sha

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Foundations! Hmmmm!!
      Another angle.
      Thanks for dropping by, Gold.


  2. Temmy says:

    O ga o. Life could be cruel sometimes. Yoruba adage says : Eniti cocoa re ye, on ni omoo loo. I can’t apportion blame to any body in that scenario because l wasn’t in the picture. But one thing l can just give as an advice is this, let’s allow God’s guidance in every of our relationships and marriages. I pray we will all finish well.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks for this, Temmy.


  3. Adelola says:

    People could really be wicked.I do not understand how children of the same parents eat and play together while they are young and then grow up and become tormentor.Is blood not thicker than water again?One can not afford to just live life without being dependent on God and also to have a discerning spirit.I do not think I can blame the woman,she tried to be a good older sibling

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thank you, Adelola…the God-factor can’t be overlooked.


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