School Rivals: Marriage Isn’t For The Feeble (V).

In case you’ve had faithful school daughters/sons and mothers/fathers, you don’t know what favour God bestowed on you. It seems a trivial thing but this story is about to change the way you view these seemingly harmless positions. Anyways, I’ve never had extra parents, neither have I had kids with or without my knowledge. At least, I should know if I ever had one, isn’t it?

I heard this story from a direct source. It happened over three decades ago. As the norm in girls’ only schools, juniors attached themselves to seniors, or seniors attached themselves to the juniors, either because of pure admiration or affluence.

So Demilade became Tito’s school daughter. Tito was a very gentle soul and a friend to Demilade’s elder sister (Temilade) who was attending another school but same class as Tito. So, in this case it was an arrangement from home. Temilade wanted her baby sis to be in good hands, so it was only normal.

They had a very beautiful and symbiotic relationship throughout school days. Even when Tito graduated from school, she placed Demilade in good hands. While on holidays, Tito would come visit her friend, Temilade and sometimes make Demilade her messenger to her boyfriend who later became her husband.

As he lived quite close to Temilade’s house, she became the bridge Tito crossed each time she wanted to pass messages across to her sweetheart. Tito later got married to her fiancé and lived happily but only for a short while.

Their happiness was short-lived because Demilade happened. She ‘fell’ pregnant for Tito’s husband and that caused a lot of fracas between childhood friends…Tito and Temilade. Efforts to make Demilade abort the pregnancy went null and void because the man in charge was in love with her and wanted her as his wife also! So, school daughter forever became junior wife to school mother!!

Till today, they all live under the same roof as wives.

Who says marriage is for the feeble ones?

A scintillating story comes up next week… anticipate.

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  1. Temmy says:

    Alot is happening on this planet. May God save us from the bad ones .

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  2. Ojuola Eunice says:

    Hmmmmm. Speechless

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