In the same compound, was a single lady who had moved into the other vacant flat at about the same time this couple moved in. They all lived in a four-flat compound. All we noticed at first, was that the single and married became close friends. Naturally, the newly married lady was yet to start a business or job as the union caused relocation for her, she was always bored with her husband’s absence.

So anytime the single lady was in, they would be together. At times, even when her husband was around, she would spend most of her time at the other lady’s. Her excuse to her husband was that being single was taking a toll on the lady and she needed companionship anytime she could offer it. So the husband was happy his wife was no longer bored.

Their relationship continued for months before the cat was let out of the bag. Someone must have called the husband’s attention to the association and I think the man must have had some premonition as well. On this fateful day, he returned quite early from his place of work to debunk the gossip. Alas! he confirmed his fears… the ladies always had their rendezvous at the single’s but this particular day, they decided to change scenery to the couple’s flat. They were both lost in the throes of passion that they didn’t notice the man come in! All hell broke loose!

disraught man photo credit-
disraught man photo credit-





That would be the first time I would witness a grown man break down like a baby in sobs. There was a great upheaval and later what we heard was that the single lady was the ‘male partner’ and they had been together even before the man got married to his wife. So the man was the actual third party in this saga…he and the single lady had been sharing the same girl. The woman confessed she had to marry the man just to please her parents and society but her heart was always with her lesbian partner. She and her partner had planned all along to live either in the same compound or street to ease the flow of things. This explained why the married lady always refused more beautiful house offers they had seen but opted for this because it had two vacant flats!

I don’t know what happened to their union eventually. So let’s all kill our curiousity here as I did a very long time ago… LOL

Indeed, marriage isn’t for the feeble.

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  1. Temmy says:

    This is serious, It’s truly hell, the man is trapped.

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  2. priscasdiary says:

    Honestly, I wish I knew what happened next.


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