If you’re kinda new on this blog, welcome! but this means, you must have missed various episodes of ‘marriage isnt for the feeble’. You can get to read previous stories here.

Marriage is undoubtedly the most important Institution in existence, thus the most attacked. I am advocate of love… I mean loving people despite what they are, so irrespective of their sexual orientation, I’d still love them because we’re fellow humans but I would frown at the act. Oh, I’m far from a saint (who is?) but I strive at achieving the mark…that’s part of the mandate WE have been given. Basically for me, having a different sexual orientation or preference is the same as being a gossip/backstabber or a petty/big time thief or just a liar/cheat or even a ritualist/kidnapper. No sin is bigger or smaller than another (I am available for a discuss on a contrary opinion, please).

Having clarified that, I have come with another story… This time around, it’s about a newly wedded couple, who had just moved into my street some years back. They were happily married, so we thought but clearly the wife wasn’t as we were to discover later. Her husband satisfied her financially and in other aspects as expected. This we assumed, as they looked the picture perfect couple that could cause jealousy in others’ homes and singles hoping for the same.

At this point, I’d say be careful what you wish for. Nothing beats what your Creator; the Master Planner has in store for you.

To be concluded in the next post…

Thank you, for reading so far. I still crave your likes and comments, please.

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  1. Temmy says:

    Outward appearances could be very deceitful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. priscasdiary says:

    You can say that again and again. Thanks for dropping by, Temmy.


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