God’s Hot Mess!

I wasn’t going to post anything today but a contact on my phone celebrated her friend on her WhatsApp status with this caption: “Celebrate your friends during the small and big wins”. This prompted me to share some thoughts…

In 2015, I started a purposeful journey, informed a supposed ‘close friend’ who after some hours sent some lyrics of Adele’s song ‘Hello’, using the most distasteful lyrics peculiar to me via BBM. At first, I thought someone stole her phone to play pranks on her contacts ‘cos I was already fighting for her cause. Afterwards, I thought she “fell” under alcohol. Alas! She wasn’t! She went on to screen grab our convo, and to my dismay posted on FB and used as dp on BBM, having the time of her life. Remember, this had my name and picture on it.

Was I embarrassed? Gosh! I lost it at that point. I called her out and our friendship has been on a sweet long break ever since though we manage to exchange some pleasantries now and then. Whose fault, please?
Similarly, I know of someone who achieved a milestone that was long coming. The person, obviously had gone through all sort of road blocks for roughly 6/7 years and finally scaled through this year. What baffles me is that a mutual friend, who finds it easy to give info about people’s predicaments including mine is yet to give me this beautiful news about this other person.

Sometimes ago, two mutual friends had a round/oval/square/rhombus and what-shape-have-you table talk about me at a venue, one of them went on to disseminate the info to a very good and mature friend, hoping she would get some hidden info, which was non-existent. Then started asking me when last I spoke to my good friend (she wanted to know if her bubble had been bursted). Now, there is no info anyone has about me other than the obvious. So, I am amused as usual because it’s not the first and I’ve found out that most people with this attitude have massive fire burning everywhere around them. Yes, they are trying to extinguish it but they still feel yours is bigger. 

Of recent, I posted a cute picture of myself and uploaded on my WhatsApp status, only for a ‘friend’ to ask me what’s up? Like what was the cause for the happiness and the picture? It took a great level of restraint to keep my fingers from lashing out. But here’s for all your present and future Whys, Whens, Whats and Hows: I am God’s hot Mess, not yours. Now, mind your business!!!

Really, what does it cost to mind our businesses and remain positive?
In the same way, I know some people, even extended family members who will read this but will neither comment, like nor share…why? So I won’t know that they are reading! Petty things!! 😁

To my faithfuls, thanks for all you do. You are acknowledged. If you’ve enjoyed today’s post, kindly share to make it go viral.


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  1. Ojuola Eunice says:

    Hmmmm……… Sometimes if God should open our eyes ehhen we go drop most of our friends cos they r envious enemies wc are very dangerous .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      True! Let’s just have positive mind sets towards each other and if you can’t, mind your biz!! That’s my mantra 😀
      Thanks , Eunice for always plugging in😍


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