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Reason is because her husband’s family knew the Aunty, thus related with her as family. I mean they were all in the know! Such a close knitted family, wouldn’t you say? No one felt guilty enough about the whole charade to tell the legal wife she was the actual intruder. This is how the bubble burst…
There was a family get-together at the family house as it was the tradition. As usual, Aunty was fully present since she’s family too. The husband and aunty kept their hands and feelings to themselves all through the time the wife was around. The wife was to take some packed food back home with them. So she took the first round to the car park. Only for her to return to pick the rest of the packed food she met a heart-shattering sight…right before her very own eyes, her hubby was in an erroneous position with his supposed aunt, exchanging steamy kisses!!! Shock didn’t describe what she felt.

This scene happened some ten years ago, but the woman is yet to ask her husband about what she saw. She said she didn’t need to, since she saw what she saw! Ever since, the husband never bothered to hide his affair anymore. What she knows is that the woman doesn’t have a child for her husband, so she has decided not to inflict on herself any pains, given herself some level of freedom, though she says she isn’t into adultery. Honour, they say is milk that once spilt cannot be recovered.

But her husband continues to put up the protective male syndrome, trying to know her every move.

My mouth was agape while she narrated her story. Why didn’t they go their separate ways? Is this an example of ‘God hates divorce’ or ‘I am in it because of my children?’ Let me have your thoughts in the comments, please.

Really, marriage is not for the feeble!

Thank you, for reading so far. I still crave your ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, please.

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  1. There’s more context that we’re probably missing. If I were in her shoes, with the information you’ve presented, I would have been long gone cos that’s just disgusting.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      I get you and I think its disgusting as well but she is still very much in the marriage as we speak. She must still be in because of one of the aforementioned… Kids or What will church say?
      Thanks for your contribution, SIMPLENAIJAGIRL.


  2. Femi says:

    If she decide to stay without any further explanation, then that’s her decision and she must do it diligently. Otherwise why staying?

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks , Femi. I think she has the sole right to stay on whatever term she wishes to. Whether faithful or not. ..


  3. Temmy says:

    Well, the reason why she’s still in is best known to her. But one thing l know is this, life is a battlefield, marriage as well is war ,if you’re not fighting infidelity, abuse , distrust, etc you’re fighting one thing or the other, and most of these fights are best fought and won spiritual ly. It’s obvious her husband is in bondage, there is need for a divine intervention for him to be free, but someone will have to pay that price which is serious intercession, and the wife is in the best position to do that for that man to be completely free. I see marriage as a ministry, you in there for a specific assignment especially in the life of your spouse , that may be her own.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thank you, Temmy! I so love this. Flesh didn’t reveal this to you, but The Spirit! Many see marriage as mere union, only few really know it’s a ministry!
      Thanks so much for this.


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