Hello Guys! I’ve got shocking true life stories to tell you for some weeks to come, as usual. To read the concluding part of this particular story, kindly follow through the steps. Enjoy…

As an avid reader on this blog, you should know by now, that I’m in love with love itself. I was in a private chat with a reader and she briefly, shared how she met her husband…right in her father’s house!

Aduni had just started nursing her heart after her boyfriend of four years called off their relationship. She was in a great topsy-turvy because all her plans had been built around Tolu. You see, they had planned to elope immediately Aduni graduated from the University. Tolu had graduated a year earlier and had gotten a job immediately after writing a professional examination whose fees was paid by Aduni’s father. Let me quickly shed light on the kind of father Aduni’s is. He is a rare kind of father who supports whatever his children wanted as long as it had potentials. I always thought fathers made in those days were not as supportive except you do things their own way. Aduni’s father was very aware of his daughter’s plan to elope with Tolu, probably because he saw his daughter’s eyes light up whenever Tolu’s name came up. I’m sure you’re wondering why they planned to elope.

Tolu was born into a Muslim home. All his siblings had been converted to Christianity so Tolu’s father, an Islamic Cleric decided that it would be over his dead body Tolu would be associated with a girl from another faith. At a time, Tolu was grounded and forced to take some steps in their faith. Please note that Tolu never changed from his original faith, his only error was to fall in love with a girl from another faith. All these opposition from his father further fuelled the lovebirds’ romance, hence the decision to elope. So, the call off was a brutal hit against Aduni’s heart. She went into deep depression, wasn’t interested in any relationship for a long time afterwards and threw herself into full entrepreneurship.

After a while, she got a visitor in person of her old school mate from the University. ‘Olumba’ fondly called by friends, came in the company of a friend of his… Femi. To cut the long story short, Olumba was on a short visit to Naija so he decided to check on his old school pal, Aduni and returned to his abode (Switzerland) in good health. Sadly few weeks afterwards, the cold hands of death snatched him away. At the news of his demise, Aduni called Olumba’s friend to confirm, Femi (they had exchanged digits since they shared a mutual friend). This ‘call’ afforded Femi the reason and opportunity to begin a friendship with Aduni, which later metamorphosed into holy matrimony till date.

Oh, it wasn’t a walk in the park for Femi, as Aduni wasn’t in any way attracted to him and that’s where her ‘rare father’ came in. He was aware a young guy was trying to get his darling daughter’s attention but always met a brick wall. So he made his daughter invite Femi to see him. Unknowingly to Aduni, her father planned to ask for Femi’s intention towards his daughter and went ahead to approve his request…Aduni’s hand in marriage. After series of hot arguments and silent treatments from daughter to parents for some days, she later succumbed to her father’s wish (probably remembered he had always supported her plans, so felt the least she could do was yield). After all, an adage says “What an elder eats corn-cake with, is hidden under the leaf”. Meaning an elder always knows.

Today, Aduni has no single regret yielding to her father’s prodding. She’s happily married to Femi with two adorable munchkins. I hear your thoughts…you want to know what happened to Tolu? Whether he’s doing well? Whether Karma caught up with him? Is he married? Does he have kids? Did he later apologise to Aduni?

N.B: Real names and location withheld.

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  1. Wura says:

    Wow love happy ending stories. A good father choice can’t b wrong because he must have done his homework physically and spiritually.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. priscasdiary says:

    You can say that again and again! Thanks, Wura for always.😘


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