by putting up an attitude, telling me to allow her think about it. Her conditions were that I quit my profession to marry her or I choose my job and loose her!! I was more distraught than someone who lost his life savings; felt more or less like a mad man. I ascertained she was cool with my line of profession before I proceeded, so this was a rude shock to me.

Nonetheless, my heart was so much with Eve that I couldn’t imagine life without her. I involved both families when I noticed I couldn’t change her mind about her decision. By then, she was in her final year at school. My intention was to take her to the altar before her last paper or immediately after so she can serve in the same state where I was. When all efforts to make the relationship stand failed, I had to let go of her. I was at the lowest ebb of my life because over five years of hard work and love had just gone down the drain. Being a man who never double-dated, I wondered where to start from. I started running different names and persons through my head to no avail.

Meanwhile, during my time at training, I had a platonic friend with whom I had a mutual friend. She would come visiting this mutual friend then with other friends. We became friends over time so, we used to talk on phone once in a blue moon. In fact, she would ask when my wedding was and I would tell her very soon. Some months after the breakup from Eva, I was to be a best man to one of my friends, so this platonic friend attended with me since the groom was one of our mutual friends too. You would have thought something would start from there, right? Nothing did! As a matter of fact, she left the party pissed at our mutual friend, who said something to piss her off.

All this while, I was still in a state of pandemonium and after a while a course mate advised I try this platonic friend. I was so reluctant because I never wanted anything to spoil the friendship we had. Asides, there was the fear of rejection…you know how you ladies can be? I later summoned up the little courage I had left and sent some ‘nice’ text to her. The reply I got from her sent my heart into a great hubbub. I started a fast right then and there because I suddenly lost the little appetite I had. She sent a message saying that we needed to talk.

We fixed a time to talk the next day. She asked if I really meant the words in the texts I had sent to her to which I replied that I really did mean them. At this time, I was sweating profusely at the other end of the line. The next question was what about my fiancée, to which I had to narrate my ordeal. The next question was if I had prayed about this step, I said I had. So she asked me to permit her to do the same and get back to me. Well, she got back to me in less than a month to give her consent as you know, God replies faster these days…LOL. We got married that same year…our union is blessed with great fruits.

Not to forget, Eva came back after I had proposed to my wife asking where I wanted her to start from after being in a relationship with me for over five years. But I couldn’t accept her back even if I hadn’t proposed to my wife. My decisions take time, but when I do, I don’t go back. What exonerated me from people’s scorn was because she told people she was at fault.
That’s the summary of my story. I hope your readers get one or two things to learn from it.

N.B: Real names withheld.

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