Tobore, one of my contant readers sent this to me on request though. It’s a story filled with lots of lessons for singles…maybe a few for the married too.

I started dating her (Let’s call her Eva) when I was on I.T. Eva was just finishing her pre-degree programme then. I couldn’t get my main target because she was already taken before I could summon up courage to talk to her. So I yielded to a friend’s advice and decided to go for her since she wasn’t bad-looking. Also, was already cordial with her in church.

As the tradition of the church I attended in school then, I told the pastors my intention towards Eva. I was immediately told not to go ahead with her but look for another girl. When I asked for the reason for their observation, they said she had fallen spiritually! That didn’t deter me from loving her because I knew what they were talking about and was ready to love her since no one was above mistakes. Everyone has a past and she confessing whatever she had done in the past meant a level of repentance. So we went on with our relationship and we grew deep in love.

I went for National Youth Service while she was in 100Level. Afterwards, I had to go for a training for less than a year. Eva was well aware of my plans and she supported them, so I had no reason to fear the unknown. She even attended my graduation ceremony with my parents since both families were already aware of our relationship.

After the graduation, I was required to go for some short courses in my profession. So I was at it, when suddenly Eva called to give me conditions for the relationship to continue! I didn’t flinch; I felt this was one of those things that happened in relationships so I tried my best to placate her. At this time, I was given a break from the course, so I travelled down to School to make an official proposal to her as I wanted us to get married that same year. Her reaction sent my heart into a state of bedlam…

This story continues next week.

N.B: Real names withheld.

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  1. Ogundiya Oladeji says:

    Hmm can’t wait to get the concluding part of this wonderful story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wura says:

    Don’t tell me sis Eva fuck up too.


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