Hello, Guys! A happy new month it is!! I’m sorry I couldn’t post last week. It was due to some technical fault. Without further ado, here is today’s juicy post.

There was a lady, Jojo who came evangelizing on my former street in Ibadan. She had always had this burning passion for the lost souls, so I gathered. Immediately she got her admission into the school of higher learning, she joined a church nearby the Campus and quickly settled into the Evangelism Team. Now, there is this particular building that houses some miscreants. I call them miscreants because everyone knows they are exporters and importers of substances (if you get what I mean).

Jojo and her team went evangelizing for the first time on our street and met with only a few habitants of the building. After they had finished preaching, the audience advised them to come at a fixed date to make sure others partook of the gospel. Honestly, till now I don’t understand how Jojo decided to go into the Lion’s den all alone. But thinking about it, she must have had some butterflies in her tummy flying into some delicate areas of her brain, instructing her to go ahead! Jojo was supposed to go with her team, but the other team members couldn’t go because the date and time wasn’t auspicious for them except Jojo who always made time for the things of the Lord, not minding what she would forgo.

Jojo was led into a secluded room; she had an audience of about six able-bodied young strapping guys. They allowed her to do her business, and then proceeded to do ‘business’ with her…they took turns to rape her! She took to them an everlasting kinda love, but they reciprocated with lust. Unfortunately, Jojo lost her virginity in a gang-rape!

Please, who is at fault for Jojo’s calamity? Is it Jojo? Her team-members? Or the church? What should have been put in place? Who knows how many stories like this have occured and are still re-occurring?

I didn’t put an option of the rapists because they are the evil perpetuators, regardless of anybody’s negligence. The essence of this story is to remind us that in this race, the word of God says we should be as wise as the serpent itself; not being ignorant of evil devices. The guys, I learnt were arrested but trust our country, I saw them roaming around months later after the incidence.

Some may say Jojo might have worn seductive clothes. But that’s false because she went there decently dressed. What about I, who had a near experience of rape at the age of about 8-9 years with an uncle’s friend? What could I have worn at such a young age that could have aroused the demon in him? I hear he now suffers from partial stroke. Who knows he had been up to before then asides from my assault? Thank God we were not alone in the house. I had someone, somewhere to run to but Jojo didn’t because the building housed mainly these miscreants. Enough of laying blames on victims…let’s say NO TO RAPE!

You can read other experiences about this kind of societal ill HERE.

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  1. Ogundiya says:

    It’s unfortunate for Jojo but I still blame her because the church already catered for her by setting up a team. The can’t be blamed because it was so glaring from the story that the timing given wasn’t conducive for the team. The question is “what was her intention for leaving her team behind to go alone? ” – self glory or…?
    Wisdom is profitable to direct. Even our Saviour and the early apostles at various times in their ministry work left some places when their lives were under threat in order to fulfill purpose.
    I think her case is just like the man that jumped into the lion’s den at UI those days.


  2. Wura says:

    Jojo is to blame because if actually she’s spirit filled this won’t have happened to her.

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