I have seen all sorts of things in the few years I’ve lived, but some things leave me in great awe. How does a mother neglect her own child, her first child for that matter and face other kids? She does this and watches the child go to perdition! I know of a woman who lived some streets away from me few years back in Lagos. She was involved with her head teacher while being a student and had a child for him. Of course, she wasn’t legally married to him but she was well taken care of. The man was at least in the position to care for her and the child. But she later got married to another man and had other kids. Yes, I agree some kids are just hell bent on being pains in the ass but my child should never cease being my child, don’t you think? Personally, I think there is something about a child who opens a woman’s womb. The love shown to the first child should be compared to none.

Anyways, this rebellious child became the Black-Sheep of the family. A child that was supposed to be the pace-setter became the lowly one. This season of love, I’d like to say love begins at home. I have heard stories of mothers who went all out for their kids, who was at one time or the other rebellious and later redeemed, making them reap the joyous rewards of their labour.

Some weeks back, I had the privilege to go on an outreach organised by the Woman2Woman ministry of my church (HOTR) in conjunction with the Connecting Hearts Initiative. It’s a rehabilitation center for ladies that are ready to retrace their steps and want a better life than what they have been involved in. Here, they are housed, fed, trained in school or vocations depending on their preferences for a period of time with continuous guidance counseling.

This program was to bring love to the VIRTUOUS LADIES. The ‘virtuous ladies’ are what we call them because that’s what they ought to be, regardless of their present. The outreach was at Kara, Bodija Market, Ibadan. I only used to see these ladies from afar and mostly in movies. I was shocked when I got there to see both young and old ladies in the trade. BTW, I can boldly tell you that these ladies are beautiful and don’t care if you think otherwise. They trooped out of their rooms in great numbers and the outreach began. Would have loved to share pictures but can’t, to maintain privacy.

I thought I was prepared for what I was going for, as it was a whole new experience for me. But I wasn’t because many times, I was moved to tears not for pity but because I realised it could have been me or you! I was in the mood of gratitude to God for where I am, for my family and most of all, for His Grace. The invited minister’s message pierced my heart …many years back, she was a prostitute right here in the city of Ibadan, she would come down from Ogun State University (OSU) to hawk her ‘wares’ precisely, at D’Rovans Hotel. That was her zone for years. Her family had prayed and at a time given up on her. But I’m sure her mother or someone must have continued to believe she could be turned and she was! Now she is happily married with kids and a passionate minister of The Word, bringing hope and renewal of lives to the Lost. Thankfully, some ladies subjected themselves for counseling and were ready to retrace their steps back to God and normalcy. Unlike in her own case, some of these ladies were forced into this lifestyle mainly because of lack.

I’m writing this at a time like this:

To get you encouraged… better times are yet to come.

To give you a reason to be grateful for your present position even if you’re not satisfied.

To make you aware that you can retrace your steps to God, regardless of what and who you’ve been.

To let you know that God loves you, just as you are.

To make you aware that there are various ways to show love, not lust to those around us. Because for some people, a one-time act of kindness may avert this kind of lifestyle or could plunge some into the deep of this lifestyle…you just never know.

Finally, I have a better understanding of what LOVE is all about. It’s loving regardless of what or who, with hope that your show of LOVE will change whoever they are for better.

If you want to show love and encourage the ladies who want a change of life. Kindly indicate in the comment section. Remember, love doesn’t discriminate. Also, it could be you!


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  1. Wura says:

    Happy Valentine in advance fky…well said. Pray God’s love reach out to the lost souls out there In this Valentine season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks, Love…same here.
      A big Amen to the prayers.
      Thanks for the support.


  2. Ruth Eyo says:

    We are products of God’s immeasurable love. We ought to let love lead. Love everyone regardless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Word, Ruth…Word!
      Thank you for stopping by, dear.


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