Happy New Month, Guys. It’s the month of love… I hope to bring some this month.

This is one memory which gives me hope of going into Nollywood someday (in my dreams). One of those times I was commuting from Lagos to Ibadan on a weekly basis, job-hunting. My uncle had just dropped me at Iwo-road that afternoon. Crossing to the other side of the express, to take a bike home I noticed this man coming after me with a very interesting look. Of course, I knew what was coming next…either he knows my maternal family (I so much look like my maternal side than my paternal side) or the usual… As it was, it was the latter. Let me not bore you with his ‘Approach’. I had this glo-line not much people knew. So I gave him that. He would call and we would struggle to flow. The long and short of it is that he wanted to see me again. So we fixed a meeting…a Friday when I would have been back to Ibadan. I got to the venue, just some minutes before him. So I waited outside the eatery because I was contemplating whether to go home and return before he comes or just wait. As I was on that he called and said he was outside the eatery as well. So I moved to the entrance with the phone still held to my ear. Guess what happened?

He looked right through me, still talking to me and walked past me! Automatically, I ended the call, carried my two legs and body out of the viccinity! Like who does that? Obviously, he couldn’t remember my face. Unfortunately for him, his call came in after I had settled at home. So we fixed the next day after getting some apologies for not recognizing me.

The D- Day came, my host was on ground minutes before time as a gentleman should be. I had planned not to spend too much time with him but I was determined to have my own ‘fun’.

He was curious as to why I had to travel every week when I could stay in Ibadan (doing what exactly, please?). That was how my creativity came to play! I told him I was always on the move, within Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, on business. He quickly absorbed that, asking what kind of business I did. I pushed further with my ‘fun’…told him not to shout or make any strange move but I was into some shady deals. I got an opposite reaction from him instead. He was almost on his knees, begging me to introduce him to business! Then I pushed to my last limit…I asked if he could handle guns. That’s when he calmed down…said he had never handled any weapon talk less of a gun. I knew I could get out of the web I had spanned, so I told him that’s the first thing he needed to train on before he could be considered. How I kept a straight face through all this is still a wonder and to think it wasn’t thought-out, I must say I deserve some accolades.

All these discuss happened before I had my order of all sort of snacks and a drink as take-out, which he quickly obliged…LOL

I later told him I had errands to run, so I took him on a stroll past my house without him knowing and made sure he was on a bike, bidding him farewell before returning home. Little did I know that the desire to join ‘Business’ was still burning in my host. He kept calling and at a point, I had to tell him I had relocated finally not knowing I would still see him. This time around, I was on a bike on my way to wait for my uncle to take me back to Lagos. I had seen him before he did, so immediately he saw me he called the fake name I gave him. I looked right through him and told him I wasn’t even Yoruba. I know some people will say I denied my heritage. At that moment, that was my saving grace plus the fact that my glo sim was out of the phone. Thankfully, that was the last I saw of him.

BTW, what do you think of my acting skills? Do you think that industry needs me?

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  1. Tomiwa says:

    This is really a good start. Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thank you, Tomiwa for dropping by.


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