Prisca’s ProfiIe

Prisca graduated with honours in Agronomy from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho, Oyo State. She later proceeded after nine years, to Bowen University, Iwo. Osun State for M.Sc. in Crop Protection.

Grad from Bowen (2017)

So, Prisca had her first work experience as an Intern at a Travel Agency after enrolling for training in Amadeus (software used in booking flights). The training was like a break since she had been home for quite a while after NYSC, doing nothing more than chase after novels and chatting online. After the training, she was automatically referred to this Travel Agency at Oyin Jolayemi Street where she learnt and unlearnt a lot, worked under unhappy conditions, paid an unspeakable stipend and still expected to look and work good.



She and her colleagues were made to clean the office, in fact they had to get water from a well in that compound! Also, madam forbade them usage of the only convenience room in the office, so they had to go to TFC anytime they had to do ‘’business’’. There was a particular day she saw an ex-Ladokite. He saw her before she did, so there was no hiding place…she pasted that smile and greeted him back but imagine the humiliation. Sad she was throughout that day, because she suddenly thought about who might have seen her fetching from a well in VI (Victoria Island) even without her knowledge…remember seeing a senior colleague from school at the car park some days later. He had some comforting words when she told him she didn’t like her work condition. Doubt if he can even remember that day. Most importantly, Prisca got to learn to type with high speed and accuracy on the keyboard; attend to all sort of people both the mighty and not so mighty on phone and physically. You see, she wasn’t always this outspoken before then but she garnered some considerable amount of confidence from that small coy. Regardless, after the mandatory 3 months Internship, Prisca ran off immediately back to Ibadan with an excuse that her parents wanted her back to manage some little business at home.



Barely a month afterwards, Prisca couldn’t wait to start earning again so she set out for job-hunt in Ibadan. She soon got one in a travel agency around Bodija. The man’s plan was for her to double as receptionist and Customer Service Officer which she did happily since it afforded her the opportunity to get out of the house. She was contented until her boss decided to send her on an errand to ‘’skye bank’’ to get amala for him!!! Thank God for boldness. She told him out rightly she couldn’t go and since then she began to look out for the right time to check out, which she did immediately she was paid my first and only salary in the second week of the second month. He released her grudgingly though.


Before Prisca left that establishment, she was involved in a kidnap (17/02/2011). Miraculously, she was saved with all her body parts intact. Coincidentally, two weeks ago (13/01/2019) the same incident almost happened on the same route! There is need to share through this medium because obviously a lot of people are not aware of their vices and still fall prey since they have not changed their system of kidnap.

It usually starts with the driver and two other passengers in the cab. The two are either sitted together at the back so you can sit in front (don’t sit in front because they might just cover up your nose with some substance and make you lose consciousness). Prisca was sitted at the back the two times it occurred. This time, it was a Sunday morning. She was already anxious not to get to church late.After getting a free ride to Total Garden, she was supposed to take a straight cab to Sango since her church (House on The Rock) is along that route.

That day, she thought luck was on her side because she got a cab almost immediately she got to the bus-stop…as if they were waiting for her. They made sure they didn’t pick another passenger along with her. They had moved not up to two minutes…not up to Subuola area, one of the men told the driver he wanted to alight, that he had a bag to take from the booth. The driver stopped and in turn, made a face saying he wouldn’t release the bag! Immediately she heard that, she opened the door at her side and got out as fast as her legs could. {Who does that? The kidnap industry needs a revamp if I must say because they still use the same sentences on the same route}. Strangely, they zoomed off without giving her a single glance immediately she got off the cab. Maybe they had realized she wasn’t their ‘meat’.  

Back to the 10 years challenge, that salary was put to use for enrolment into a makeup academy. So Prisca had to go back to Lagos for a week or so. She went on to get some makeup gigs…that was paying some bills though not for long.

MY ABLE MODELS!!! (2011)

Several months later, she got a job as a Customer Service Officer at The Yellow Room, where she worked for a couple of years before resigning to go further her education at The Blue Room. Little did she know that the experiences she garnered during her internship at the travel coy were a grooming ground for this job. Her speed and accuracy was so dope that she was used as mercenary (unknowingly) for another candidate! 



Asides from being a certified Crop Protection Scientist, Prisca is a Blogger; Event Planner at Divine Favour Events and Catering Services; including being The Creative Executive at Treasure Organics (A beauty Coy) all registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as FKY VENTURES.

Of course, she had always known she would write a book but never a blogger and certainly not an editor for another blog: . Also, she had always been into business from baking cakes, rentals and catering back then in School to buying and selling of precious metals after NYSC till she resigned from the yellow room, never in her wildest imagination had she ever thought of formulating body soaps and butters, selling nationwide and exporting (though in little quantity at the moment) to the UK, USA and some countries in the EU within few months of startup. She ain’t done…not yet.


click on to check them out

Ten years ago, she was trying to create a niche for myself…still in the process though. Who knows what next she’s up to? Right now, she is a Divine Treasure, wonderfully crafted by The Omega… The one who says and brings into existence.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow!!!!

    OMG!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

    Lmfao@ “the kidnap industry needs a revamp”…Kent deal mehn

    You’ve come a long way sis. This took me down memory lane…I remember the Amala boss but you never told me it was sskye Amala. So that Amala has been popular since then!!!! My Lord!!

    I almost didn’t remember you were in the makeup industry too.

    Now, as a creative executive, I’m so proud of the genius if your creativity..treasure organics products…importer and exporter, lol.

    Keep it up. The sky isn’t the limit anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thank you, Olas. I’m happy you enjoyed it.
      Yes, dont you think they need some kinda training to make them excel?
      Just joking, may they all be apprehended soonest in Jesus name.
      As for that skye amala, only God knows what the fuss is all about jare and yes, I was in the makeup industry just for a lil’ while.
      Thank you so much, ofr being a friend and blog-mentor.
      Amen and to your prayers too, Sis.


  2. Mayowa says:

    Remember when we read the book Time changes yesterday. How time has flown by. Wow!!! Like a polished diamond, your brilliance, beauty and glory keeps shining brighter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Yes, I do remember and time has really flown . Amen and Amen. Thanks for your support, May.
      God bless you, dear.


  3. Lolajala says:

    Nice write up. I should give treasure organics a try soon. Keep it up babe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thank you, LollyPops!
      We’ll be waiting for your order o! I wonder what’s keeping you in the first place…(giving you side eyes).
      Thanks for dropping by, dear.


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