Their love was similar to a fairytale, almost unbelievable to me because of my unbelief about social media love. The glow she radiated gave the evidence that she was in love and in turn, loved. Luka would give her treats every now and then. He went on to be informally introduced to her family, in turn he introduced her to his only relative in Lagos. You see, Luka is from the Northern parts of Nigeria. His uncle accepted Tola wholeheartedly though he dropped some hints which didn’t mean much at that time.

Luka worked on the Island and was given accommodation of some sort by his coy at an hotel. So he had no specific rented apartment like what we were used to. So Tola only visited when Luka made himself available because amidst the lovey-dovey thing, he was sometimes very busy that he could be off the grid for two days at a stretch. Since he always made it up to her, there was no reason to worry much.

Everything was on a smooth ride until some girl from Luka’s church began to trail Tola through facebook, e-mail, calls and sms. She told Tola Luka was dating her before he met Tola and that she broke off from him when she found out he was already married with two kids! She went on to give Tola the address and asked her to trace it to confirm the information. Tola called immediately to give me the bad news. I remember telling her that in every rumor is an atom of truth. I urged her to trace the address, even offered to go with her for moral support. She declined saying she already told Luka when the girl contacted her at first and he confirmed they were dating until he noticed she was too possessive and overbearing but she found it difficult to accept it. Hence, the bitterness she’s spewing out by spreading false news about him.

What I didn’t know was that Tola preferred to face her fears alone, which I considered very brave. She later called to tell me she traced the address and she confirmed her fears! Luka was indeed married with two boys. He rented two rooms in a rickety boys-quarter in a dingy compound with a storey building of face-to-face. The whole environment was too shabby to believe Luka actually had his family live in. She was told the wife was a primary school teacher, Luka didn’t really live there but made rare appearances now and then. The last time he came home was about three days ago (the same day he tripped Tola out and dropped her at home very late at night, so instead of going back to the Island, he crashed at ‘home’). It was so convenient for Luka because Tola’s house wasn’t too far from his real family.

She broke up the relationship, though very painful she had to. No woman prays to be the source of another woman’s wounds. Shortly after this horrific experience, Tola met her husband. Funny enough, they had always been church members, on greeting terms but never more. They got married within four months of courtship and have been happily so, since then till now. Their union is blessed with children.

There are tons of lessons from Tola’s story but let this stick: ‘’In every rumor, is an atom of truth’’.

P.S: Story written with permission and real names withheld.

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  1. Wura says:

    Happy for Tola .. A happy ending at Las! This thing called love hmmmm.

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  2. Victoria says:

    Hmmm! I enjoyed the story. happy ending!


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