I have heard so many strange places where love found people. One of the strange ones, I wrote about HERE. I have never been a fan of finding love online but with the world being a cyber-village, do we singles have a say as to where we meet the loves of our lives? What with our super busy crazy schedules…

This story happened to my close chum, Tola at the YELLOW-ROOM. I would be doing Tola a lot of discredit if I didn’t describe her disposition. When you say a lady is beautiful in and out, that’s certainly Tola. What drew me to her was inner charm though, she had and still has a beautiful heart but life wasn’t just treating her right in the area of love. How the male specie miss out on these angels still amazes me. Someone once said it must be their village people not wanting them to do right in marriage. How true that is, I wouldn’t know.

Tola met Luka online on a fateful day, at a time when she had just ended a painfully long and distant relationship with a guy who had been wasting her time and resources…thank God for mothers (story for another day). The day Luke met my friend was the same day they met physically so I can boldly say it wasn’t purely an online thing. That singular gesture made us think our wait was over (when your bestie finally finds the one, it’s always almost like you did too). Not only did they meet, he gave us a lift to the yellow-room. I mean, if a guy isn’t really in for it, they would want to be discreet and wouldn’t afford to waste time, most especially in a place like Lagos. She sat at the passenger’s side while I sat at the ‘owner’s corner’ at the back where I would be able to ‘see right through him’! Funny us!! The schedule at work was a night shift so we felt Luka really went out of his way to prove himself within a very short while. What could be more beautiful than a man very sure of what he wanted and went straight for it with vigor?

I won’t lie, I gave Tola a slight go-ahead to go all in with Luka. Not like she wouldn’t if I said otherwise, but I was impressed with Luka. He treated her right -they were always together anytime she was off-duty. Lest I forget, Luka worked at a multinational coy at Lekki as a procurement officer so his schedule was kinda flexible. Flexible such that he tripped Tola, her siblings and even me (the friend) out at various times.


My first experience at Yellow Chilli was through Luka. It was on the Independence Day. We had just finished our afternoon shift. He was already parked outside, waiting for Tola as a surprise. Oh, I loooove surprises! We had already entered our separate designated buses since we lived at different locations. Imagine my surprise when she called to ask me to step down for Luka to give us a lift. Trust your girl, I didn’t think twice! Off I went off the bus since we had not taken off. Just as he was about to drive out of the compound, he asked what our plans were for the evening…plans ke? What other than to go home, eat if possible and sleep like a log of dry wood? Of course, he already knew we had no plans but like the gentleman he was he had to ask us. Once we all agreed, he drove us to the Island at Yellow Chilli and treated us to a sumptuous dinner…one I couldn’t finish. I ordered Jollof Rice with Plantain but I got Plantain with Jollof Rice (if you get what I mean) which was to my utmost satisfaction. Then he did the gentlemanly thing, drove me back to my location, right in front of my house around Mafoluku, went back to Gbagada to drop Tola before going back to the Island, where he resides.

Did Luka and Tola’s love story end well?. Please find out next week. Before then, to my married readers, how did you meet your spouses? Kindly use the comment box below and don’t forget to click on ‘FOLLOW’

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  1. I met my baby at the airport. We were on the same flight to Dubai where I went to unwind late last year. I really didn’t take his friendliness to mean anything but when he offered to take me to places in Dubai setting aside some of his busy business schedules to fit into mine, I began to pay him serious attention.
    We were at burj khalifa together. We visited so many fun places and the rest they say, is history. Our Union even clocked one yesterday. Cheers to many beautiful years ahead.


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    1. priscasdiary says:

      You! You got me in stitches!! I reserve my comment. Thanks so much for your support. Kisses!


  2. priscasdiary says:

    Thank you, SUNSTEV. for dropping by and following.


  3. Wura says:

    Weldon sis nice write up. Oya Friday do and come ooo

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  4. Victoria says:


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  5. Lolajala says:

    I met my husband in my father’s house. Funny right….

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Yeah! Lolly, I remember you told me something of that sort. Will chat you up to regale me with the story and share if you don’t mind.
      Thanks so much for dropping by, dear.


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