The truth is that everyone intends to achieve greatness in life but life itself happens to us all. Some palatable, some not so palatable but manageable. Others, not good at all. When all odds are against us, we should equally go back to the drawing board…The Source. One can never go wrong with one’s source.

Last year started in a very bleak way for me in all ramifications though I was all smiles physically. Deep inside, I wanted to be up and doing…wanted to get a good paying job after my M.Sc., preferrably in Lagos. I did all in my limited human power to press some buttons, both small and big. All were to no avail. Until I went back to my Source.

There is a power in being still…being at peace. It’s in that moment of stillness that The Source relates with us…at least that’s how it’s worked for me. I remember telling a close friend that we should never lose our peace, because it’s in that, we show our Source that we believe absolutely in His Sovereignty. No wonder there is a Bible verse that says: ‘’ Peace, be still’’.

Writing a blog did not happen in a day. It was an urge that had been there since my undergraduate days. I always said back then that I had to write a book about myself, my experiences. I never knew anything called ‘A blog’ back then. The urge would come and leave me because my thoughts and aspirations were all over the place. During my days in the yellow room, I started designing my blog but life happened again so I dropped it. The day I started Prisca’s Diary is still like a dream to me, because never in my wildest dreams did I plan to start it last year. I was always waiting for some things to happen in my life but the strongest urge came that night in June, 2018 and I picked up my laptop. I haven’t stopped till now and I don’t plan stopping anytime soon.

Some may say who knows her yet? Is she getting paid like Linda Ikeji? Does she have a great number of followers yet? How many people actually read her posts? To all the questions, it’s a matter of time though I did not start this blog with an intention of financial gains. My gain comes from comments/inbox messages/chats from male and female, young and old being positively touched with what I have passed across. I am happy to say though I am not as good in writing as my brother is, my blogging pushed him into starting his because he had been procrastinating. He writes fiction and poetry at Kindly check him out and follow. His pen is dope. Through his blog, I can boldly say I am an Editor, because I edit his stories before each post.

This post will not be complete without appreciating my family (they are my Numero Uno story suppliers, financial and emotional support), some friends supported me financially; some constantly support with knowledge, some support with constant sharing and use of the comment box. I want you all to know that I am motivated because of you (I wouldn’t want to mention names for fear of omitting any). While some have consciously supported my business @treasureorganics . Let’s do this again, together while we stay connected to our Source much better this year, 2019. To those that have never ‘liked’; ‘commented’; ‘shared’ any of my posts or not ‘following’ my blog yet, please do. You’ll encourage me with those gestures. I look forward to giving you more value for your time and data.

Thank you and have a splendid year!

BTW, I have not even started writing what I should on this blog, been dancing around the real deal. Hopefully, I should have the boldness to do so before the year runs out. While I wait, enjoy what I bring to you…

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  1. Every post from you is one to watch out for.
    Your editing skills make stellarstallion phenomenal.
    Good work.

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  2. Of course,😁😂 you have not started writing what you should on this blog na.

    You didn’t mention(or you forgot ABI) that you became a founder and CEO/Chief Operating Officer of Treasure Organics and Divine Favour Catering Outfit. And that you source for locally made organic products to produce/manufacture the coolest African black soap and you have shipped to the abroad and that your fine whipped Shea butter followed yours truly to the federal capital.

    Shulai thank BOWEN for this newly acquired taste in cream and soap production or THE Ladoke or the source?
    Happy for how far you have come.

    Keep the flag flying….we dey your back gidigba

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      I don’t think my readers are ready just yet…LOL! Also, we have The Source to thank for all the accolades you showered on me. Thanks for having my back. Thank you for all you do. Love you,Babes.


  3. Wura says:

    Carry go babes# oluwalonie#

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