Have you ever experienced an angelic visit or assistance or anything close to it? Of course, I don’t in any way mean the real ‘Angel’ but angels in forms of humans. There’s a part of the scriptures which says, sit still and watch me make your enemies your footstool.That’s what happened to me some months back. I was returning to Ibadan from the Lagos International Airport. After working in Lagos for roughly five years, I felt I was in charge of giving directions until we made a very wrong turn, unknowingly though. We actually saw another car make the same turn so we followed blindly. How were we supposed to know with all the changes going on around that axis, especially with no sign post? Immediately we made the turn, a yellow bus came facing us. We waited for them thinking they were in the wrong until they swerved to our lane. To our surprise, about five policemen alighted with one armed with a gun pointed at us! We remained calm because we felt we had not violated any law. They asked the driver to come down and surrender the keys. He did, so the kneeling and pleading began. Though my brother told me to stop but I felt my innuendoes would work. Alas! They fell on deaf ears. One of the officers took control of the car and he drove us straight to their office at Oshodi, the one just beside the LASTMA office. We were told to pay 20K. We claimed we had nothing of the sort and explained that we were not residents but had made a mistake but they didn’t believe our truth so were asked to leave the car packed at their premises over the weekend and return for it with a whooping sum of 100K! Another bout of pleading began but proved abortive. By then, they were three officers attending to us. So, I decided to offer 5K since that was all I had on me. He and his colleague refused bluntly, with each of them taking the roles of bad cop and good cop. Eventually, I decided to take a walk towards the Oshodi bridge to see if I could withdraw but I told them I wanted to go meet up a former colleague to get more cash.

Leaving the driver behind, I and my brother left. We were almost at Oshodi under bridge when we suddenly stopped to think it through –should we withdraw or not? At that point, I saw a LASTMA official, let’s call his name ‘Mr. Ola’ his demeanor was not the usual of his colleagues-very cool and approachable. I had the prodding to walk up to him to help if he could. I asked my brother if I should approach the man, he said yes. Remember, we knew this man from nowhere. I summoned up courage and walked up to intercept him with my brother close at my tail. Only for tears to start spilling! It’s important to note that the tears were not planned but you see, we had just seen my elder brother off at the airport, so I guess the tears I was supposed to shed while doing our farewells were the ones unleashed at Oshodi. As embarrassed as I was, I couldn’t hold them back, Mr. Ola couldn’t bear to see the tears, he faced my younger brother to ask for what the cause might be. He had just spoken a sentence when the man said ‘’Let’s go there’’. my brother gave him the full gist on their way with me trying to stop my tears and keep up with their long strides. We didn’t expect him to be so willing to help. He said though he didn’t know anyone at the policemen’s but he was willing to follow us to render whatever help he could. On getting there, a completely new guy, fortunately a senior LASTMA official (Mr. Chuks) was on seat and Mr. Ola happened to be close chums with him. He told his friend that we were oblivious of the route since we were not resident in Lagos, so it was an honest mistake. Immediately, Mr. Chuks gave us our car key and released us. Little did we know that drama just began!

We were already rejoicing and thanking God. But the officer who was at the point of arrest and drove us to the office went to report to his own superior. This superior asked us to re-park and wait in the car. This act infuriated Mr. Chuks. He got so angry that he requested another superior’s presence, then the heated arguments began. All this while, I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought Mr. Ola, our benefactor was about to be put in trouble at work, for helping out civilians etc. you needed to be in the car that day for you to witness the intercessory prayers going on with the kabashing! I couldn’t utter one word of prayer though, I was busy castigating myself for making the mistake with the directions. The argument was so loud and violent, yet I couldn’t make out the exact words. It was Mr. Ola that relayed everything to us as we were on our way out.

Finally, every one of them apologised for wasting our time and bid us safe trip back to Ibadan but we gave them the 5K because according to them, that was all we had presently. we quickly surrendered it because hesitation could cause stories that touch the heart. By that time, I had to support my dropping jaws with my hand because, when the argument became almost unbearable, the intercessory meeting stopped abruptly. Everything seemed like a scene in a movie-law enforcement agents from different field having dispute because of us, with majority on our side and we knew not one of them! In fact, the officer that arrested us came to tell us that we are lucky! Everyone in Lagos knows that once you’re caught by these two set of forces, you must sweat out both blood and money, depending on how expensive they value your vehicle.

Back on the Oshodi expressway, I realised we just witnessed God in action, it could only be Him. We literally sat back and watched Him make our enemies our footstool! Someone might think it all happened to avoid something more terrible but I feel God just wanted to show how present He is in every situation of our lives. All we need do more is learn to cast our burdens on Him and He’ll do only that which only He can do. Mr. Ola was our ‘Angel’ . you can’t imagine the amount of prayers we showered on him, because he refused to collect anything from us. All he said was, he was happy to be of help to us and he appreciated the prayers more than anything material. He made know that we still have beautiful-hearted people in Nigeria, no matter the profession. I still call him from time to time…help bless him with a word of prayer, will ya?


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  1. Wura says:

    God bless u sir may heaven release the resources u need to u now and always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      A big Amen to that. Thanks, Wura for your consistency in the comment section.


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