Have you ever been involved in aso ebi things? As an event planner, its most interesting when shopping for fabrics putting colours of the day in consideration. The highlight is when the celebrants have family members and guests who are willing to go overboard to make their day colourful, not minding the cost of the fabrics chosen. That’s when I get excited the most because I get to make many choices without boundaries. You know there are times when you point at some items in some highbrow shops in which the attendant out rightly informs you that those items can’t be taken out of the ‘show-glass’ because of their prices! So you would have to agree on the price before you get to feel them. Sometimes I wonder if they have never met some naughty people who will really act like they want to buy and end up not buying.

Anyways, my neighbor’s elder brother was getting married so I was contacted to get fabric samples for the groom’s family to choose from. Off I went, with my heart in my mouth to the earth of Balogun market. To cut the long story short, I made some choices…captured and sent to my neighbor, she in turn sent to her family members and their choices were made for both family and guests. I in turn, bought a sample each and left for Ibadan. On getting to the house, they were super impressed with the fabrics even much more than the pictures. In their words, the pictures didn’t do enough justice to the fabrics. Eventually, the contract was finalised… I was the main contact for the aso-ebi! I couldn’t believe the massive number I was to get, and let’s not forget the profit I was about to make because it was my first aso-ebi contract as an event planner.


Immediately, I contacted my tailor. As you know, I couldn’t afford not to look my best for the event as the bona-fide aso-ebi contractor. I chose a style which made my own fabric look quite different from its original look. Mere looking at the style, you would not know it’s the same fabric. Confident of myself, I walked into the venue for the wedding reception, sat at a table labeled for my category ‘‘Groom’s friends’’. Note that I wasn’t the event planner for this wedding as the bride’s family had everything under control. I thoroughly enjoyed the party as there was non-stop flow of food, drinks and entertainment such as THIS, until something almost ruined my enjoyment.

A woman was in charge of distributing souvenirs and she was doing this beautifully until she decided I wasn’t qualified! At first, I thought it was an overlook until she passed by me again and looked at my side and asked a lady seated next to me if she had been given her souvenir. The lady nodded affirmatively, so the woman made to walk away. Trust me now, I held on to her like my life depended on it and asked for what was rightfully mine!! She was like she could only see I tied the head-gear (gele) and not the whole aso-ebi!!! I had to stand up in my full 6 ft…well originally 5ft and something inches minus the heels of course, turned around for her to inspect me and informed her that I was the contractor that got the fabrics. She apologised profusely and said she could hardly recognise the fabric on me. I muttered something under my breath and waved her off after I secured my souvenir. Anyways, that’s how I got new customers for my tailor.

You want to know why I was bent on getting my souvenir and what was in the pack? Ask me privately. Also, still in the business of making things happen at events. Kindly hit me up for your events. Thank you.


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  1. folahassan5770 says:

    Event planner with a special touch for all ur events,my correct babe

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Flakky, thanks babes. I appreciate this.


  2. George says:


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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks for dropping by, George. I do appreciate this.


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