It’s not a crime to do you. When you find yourself in any situation that seems odd to you or doesn’t go with your values, stand on your words. I tell you, they will do you a whole lot of good. I’ve told a few number of friends this story before, though they laughed their heads off, I’m glad I had the experience at a time I didn’t have to regret. Now, this isn’t to apportion blames on anyone who does what I don’t do. What’s good for the goose isn’t compulsorily good for the gander. The most important thing is for you to know your limit.

Normally, I don’t take alcohol be it beers, wines or distilled beverages and it’s got nothing to do with religion. I have always disliked it for various reasons: some abuse it which in turn makes them do a whole lot of stupid things, some end up harming or killing themselves, also the smell of beers especially, nauseates me but the most of all, I don’t do alcohol because most have bitter tastes and I’m known for my sweet-tooth.

During a festive season, I visited an uncle at his house and he offered me this sweet looking chocolaty drink. To my utmost surprise, he mixed it with Coca-Cola. Inside, I was screaming ‘NO’, don’t spoil that chocolaty taste but I couldn’t speak out. I accepted with smiles and drowned it at a go. He didn’t expect me to do that. Maybe he felt I was sophisticated to know what it was…LOL. Few minutes later, visited a friend in the same neighborhood and complained I was feeling drowsy. She immediately investigated to know where I was coming from and what I had taken. That’s when I was given the bad news, I had just taken Baileys!

As if that wasn’t enough, I happened to stay in the Kaduna Army Barracks during my NYSC days. One of my paternal cousins served that same year with the NDA, so she was housed with some other corpers at their Corpers’ Lodge. My apartment was a stone-throw to hers.

This fateful evening, she invited me to tag along to one of their parties…I understand that some officers (can’t remember the rank) just throw parties to socialise with corpers, some NDA lecturers and officers. As I was bored, I offered to go but my main plan was to go feed my tummy and eyes and return home before it became too dark to return as it was a night party. I and my cousin sat at a table with some other corpers and her friend from NDA (a resident of Kaduna). We had been seated for like an hour when some boys came to our tent with some bottles sweating profusely! My cousin’s friend was served but my cousin refused the drink. As a hungry and thirsty curious lady, I accepted to relieve one of the bottles sweating profusely. My cousin warned me of  its alcoholic content. I was shocked, like how could this clear sweet looking sweating thing be alcoholic? Her friend urged me to taste it and decide if it was really.

Lo and Behold, Prisca had a taste and it was heavenly! Imagine something very sweet and chilled at the same time. I had two bottles straight and heaven did not fall. Wow! So I could really take alcohol and won’t be affected…nice discovery, isn’t it?

The time came for us to file out to the serving table as it was a buffet. I immediately stood to join the queue, eager to load my plate with all sort of delicacies set at the main table, took few steps but the se steps had me making a mental note to ask my cousin why they didn’t set up the party tent on a more level-ground in the compound since it was a large compound. As it were, every step I took seemed as if I suddenly had one of my limbs longer than the other and since I knew my limbs were perfect, it had to be pot-holes! For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine why there were too much pot holes in such a beautiful compound! I had to hold chairs to support myself and wondered why the others were not doing the same. By the time I returned to my seat with carefully ladden plate and told my cousin about my observation, she was almost rolling on the floor. Then she gave me the sad news…again! I was under the influence of the two sweating bottles I had relieved! O boy! Then and there, I made a solemn promise to myself, never to go near the drink or its affiliate again. Luckily, after feeding, the effect vanished.

Till date, when I tell people I don’t take alcohol they either don’t believe or make funny faces. That doesn’t faze me because I know what that would do to me if I took as small as a sip in an untrusted environment. I wouldn’t dare go near it knowingly, in my life time anymore.


N.B: Mayowa, I know you cant remember this story, but you gave me the first news at your Akobo house…remember? LOL


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  1. George says:

    This is lovely
    Great work Ma🔥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wura says:

    Heheheheheehehehehe. So funny but come Prisca why did you not read d lebal bf engulfing d drink? Chei this is so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Label when my eyes were already closing due to hunger? LOL.
      Thanks for reading, Gold.


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