Today is all about me and i won’t hesitate to let the whole world know how grateful i am to my Creator. I guess I will write another post to let you know how the day went. For pictures, kindly visit any of my pages @priscasdiary on IG & twitter;  Prisca’s Diary on FB.

Birthday Gurl
Birthday Gurl

Also, I have often been asked what I use on my skin, with gratitude in my heart for another added year, I announce The Treasure Organics African Black Soap and Whipped Shea Body Butter. Both are handcrafted with love and the finest blend of Natural Botanicals. The African Black Soap contains neither Essential Oils, preservatives nor bleaching agents. It can be used by both the fair and dark-skinned. In the case of the Body Butter, organic honey and a blend of Essential Oils were infused to add some uniqueness, add properties that essential oils are capable of and to give the Shea Butter a sweet scent. This Whipped Butter doesn’t contain any bleaching ingredient.



If you have an oily skin, this Body Butter may not be the best for you, please. This is because oily skins are prone to acne, pimples and the likes. Shea Butter ripens these and causes further irritation. Other than this, it can be used by both male and female. Kindly note that the Treasure Organics African Black Soap cleanses deep, heals, evens  skin-tone, moisturizer and polishes all skin types while the Treasure Organics Whipped Shea Body Butter moisturises, nourishes and polishes the skin.


They both come in two packages: 250g and 500g each, all at affordable prices. I patiently await your orders. Deliveries attract some fees. Thank you.


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