Happy Sunday to you, all! I almost didn’t post this but had to fulfill my promise to my loyal readers. Also, tune in tomorrow, as it’s my birthday I’ve got something coming from @treasureorganics (IG)/ Treasure Organics (FB).

Mama K continued enjoying her life until her mother came visiting for holidays. As usual, a strange man came with a large box containing exact sizes of Mama K and her kids but met her absence. Instead, he met Mama K’s mum. She couldn’t digest what was going on. In fact, she didn’t collect the gifts despite the fact that the man kept saying he was sent by her daughter’s husband. Fortunately for Mama K, the man dropped the gifts after her mum refused blatantly. So Mama K brought them in with happiness radiating on her face.

That day was the last time she got any gift from her late husband! Coincidentally, she became healed of some strange ailment I don’t want to mention here. What ‘we’ heard is that the gifts were connected to her failing health. The sad thing about all these is that Mama K stopped being slain in the spirit, no pukes. Hence, no more theatrics for ‘we, the viewers’. Note that Mama K got the gifts consistently for almost three years. How I got to know? I’m sure some of you must be thinking Kevwe was my source. No, her younger sister was! She was always quick to let other kids in her class at Sunday school know the source of her attires, where my neighbor’s kids happened to be! (Lesson: Never let a child in, to a secret). Now, the big question is: ‘who has been gifting Mama Kevwe and her children in the guise of her late husband?’ Was it really her late husband or a reincarnate (maybe he was a cult member) or a guise from a potential suitor (probably one of her late husband’s friend who might have been eyeing her) Please, if you have similar experience, kindly share in the comment section. Thanks. See y’all, tomorrow!

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  1. Temmy says:

    I don’t believe in reincarnation, but l’m not saying it is impossible. I have my beliefs about it. The Bible says it has being appointed unto man to die once and after that judgement (except God gives the person a second chance to live, which will be obvious to all) .The world we are in is more spiritual than physical, there are evil spirits that inhabits the body of some dead people and work through them. That’s what we are calling reincarnation, to me it’s not really those people. According to the stories of those who have once seen the so called reincarnated people, once they call their names, they disappear (Why) because it not really them.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Definitely, reincarnation is not of God…from what the scriptures say. I have never experienced it, so till I do, will stand on my belief that it’s not really the dead. Some belief says some spirit (evil) take charge of some people’s bodies to do all sort.
      In Kevwe’s dad’s case, who did you think it really was?
      Thanks, Temmy for dropping by and sorry for the late response. Been seriously occupied, hence the absence from the entire blog.


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