I have been hearing different stories about reincarnation but this beats all I have heard so far. Mummy Kevwe used to attend my former church when I was in Secondary School. She had four children but I could only recognise Kevwe and one of her younger sisters, Ejiro. Mummy Kevwe was a fervent Christian (at least in my terms back then). Oh, Sunday service wasn’t complete if she wasn’t slain in the spirit.

How she did that each time amazed me, because I couldn’t even act it to save my life. I admired her theatrics and to add to the ‘slaying effect’, she would always vomit something! So as much as I found her fascinating, I never wanted to be near her, lest she pukes on me. This is not to say there were no other ‘slayers’ but she was the most consistent of them all. Even The Holy Book says: ‘Seeth thou a man diligent, he will stand before kings and princes’. Little did I know that she wasn’t dramatic.

Mama Kevwe was widowed at a very young age of 28, left alone with three kids, with the fourth kid still in the womb. Her husband was a brilliant Surgeon who practiced in Canada. Normally, Mama K travelled every summer with her kids and always came back looking like a freshly baked sponge cake (pardon me, but one of my weakness, remains well-made cakes). Her kids would be dressed to the teeth in beautiful apparel. They were always a welcome feast for my eyes, I’m sure for all our eyes. So when her husband died, it was a huge blow to her and her entire family because doctor took excellent care of anything concerning Mama K. With no support, she tried all sorts to make ends meet. Lest I forget, she was a civil servant with the State Government. So she started some side hustles. She could barely manage but she was relentless.

Barely a year after her husband’s demise, she came back home from work to meet a large box labelled with her name in her husband’s handwriting. She was startled at first but she later felt it might have been a delayed delivery issue, as her husband never really announced whenever he wanted to send stuffs to them. So she felt it was all good.

Strangely, this occurrence continued but by the third time, she actually saw the man who came with the box. Only that this time, it was neither the usual delivery man, nor the usual delivery company. It was a strange man. He knocked on her door, greeted her and delivered the box along with cash, telling her they were from her husband. That same night, she saw her husband in a dream for the first time after his demise, assuring her he sent the gifts. Thereafter, she was comfortable with accepting those gifts but each time, it was a different man who came to deliver. In case you are wondering how I got to know all these, kindly tune in to this blog tomorrow for the concluding part. Thank you!


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