My Rape Stories: Societal Vices.

These days, the society has become so vile that we all need to look inward and make the change we want to see, not just for our sakes but for the coming generations. One thing I’m so interested in is marriage. Probably because it’s the fundamental of a society…it’s where the family starts…where values are sculpted. But of all the societal ills, that which easily gets me flummoxed is Rape. I’m not about to get spiritual here today but it’s high time mothers and fathers, either unmarried, married, divorced or widowed inculcate positive values into the boy-child! Enough of just focusing on the girl-child simply because society feels it’s the girl that’s got much to lose in any case. NO! Let’s teach our boys to respect and love our girls like they should their sisters, mothers, cousins, aunties, etc. Girls should never be seen as prey for them. Somewhere, I hear what do we do about the adult males- the fathers that are supposed to instill these values into their wards but are the real perpetuators of the ills?

  Image Credit: Bitmoji
Image Credit: Bitmoji

That’s where we all come in. None should say ‘That’s not my business’. This is because, that boy would one day get to set his eyes on your baby girl and only see her captivating beauty; her guileless smiles and want to associate with her at all cost even when there is disparity in social levels and let me break this news to you, your baby girl too might want to associate, simply because sometimes levels doesn’t apply when the heart wants what it wants! These things don’t recognise levels. You may say ‘Thank God, I don’t have a girl-child’ but one day, ‘that boy’ will meet ‘your boy’ and friendship will spark from there. You know how the male species are…they don’t really care for class and other ephemeral things ‘girls’ check out before making friends. Please note that these things apply for girls who already have imbibed social vices too. In my own case as a single lady, I won’t say because I don’t have a child yet and say ‘let me wait till I have mine’.

There was a case of some hoodlums raping an elderly woman of about sixty years, some years back. What I’m implying is that this vileness cuts across all age, background and sex. Those rapists couldn’t have been within that woman’s age bracket. They knew it and still had their evil way with her. This is not saying that the elderly woman had not shown any concern for societal ills. In fact, she could be at the fore front of people fighting against such and yet, it happened to her.

I also remember something similar almost happened to me. At that time, I had just finished serving my Great Country, Nigeria! I was always eager to give out my CV to anyone who asked, not pausing to check out who the person was. I mean, when did checking out start to mean with doling out CV for heaven’s sake? So I met this fine ‘responsible-looking’ guy on my street at Ibadan. He walked up to me and pretended as if he was lost so I did the normal thing- directed him. There and then, he asked about what I did for a living but when I told him I wasn’t doing anything at the moment, he asked for my contact, which I gave out (please don’t blame me for doing that…he was such a fine man…lol) and promised to get something for me (imagine my naivety) Fortunately for me, he said he worked in Lagos at the Secretariat. He came visiting two days later at my place (where I was staying in Lagos). For reasons unexplainable, I didn’t let him get to my house, so I met him at the entrance of the street. By that time, I didn’t have my CV ready so he asked me to bring it to his office (2nd show of naivety). Let’s say things just played out in his favour because if I had given him my CV, the opportunity would not have occurred. Saturday came, he made sure he wasn’t available until around 4pm. So with high hopes, I left for Alausa  (Lagos State Secretariat) don’t want to relieve the exact details but I broke free of his grip, out of the office (luckily it wasn’t locked) and ran out with every strength I could muster, got home shivering until I got some large amount of sugar into my body. Once again, I thank God for the invention of jeans. I had never been to Alausa before then, but somehow I found my way while running and walking at the same time because by then, it was already dark, every car coming from behind me seemed like he was chasing after me, the streets were already deserted. Though I lost some valuables during the struggle at his office, I didn’t lose myself and that’s the most important. Some may not be so lucky and it may mar their lives forever. I hear some thinking/saying ‘what about her guardian/parents?’ My guardian in Lagos wasn’t around that weekend and my parents were enjoying their lives in Ibadan, rest assured ‘their baby-girl’ was safe in Lagos! That’s why I said earlier that ‘your baby girl’ might catch the attention of ‘boys’ filled with social vices and you may not be there to protect her at that moment.

Parents, Teachers (at schools and religious centers) and Guardians, let’s bring this particular societal vice to the barest minimum with our little quota. Thank you.

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Image Credit: Bitmoji
Image Credit: Bitmoji


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  1. ojuola says:

    Nice write up on values. More wisdom ore.

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  2. priscasdiary says:

    Thanks so much, Wura. I really appreciate this.


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