Apologies for not showing up last week as the norm and use this opportunity to appreciate those who checked up on me to know the cause. As the saying goes, wo(man) shall not live by blogging (bread) alone , but by other side hustles. I have some big news coming up with the first post next month, which is my birth month. Also, will be posting some eye-candies. Watch this space!

Wo(man) must not live by blogging (bread) alone.  Image Credit: bitmoji
Wo(man) must not live by blogging (bread) alone. Image Credit: bitmoji


So Busy   Image Credit: bitmoji
So Busy Image Credit: bitmoji

When you give people a little dose of their poison, they make you the villain.

They forget that they actually dished some attitudes towards you, times without number and they just can’t stomach a little side dish of their delicacy. That’s the case with Simbi, my once upon a time close buddy. We were not just friends but we were close chums. We would tell each other our fears and share each other’s excitements probably because we had some similarities in our values regardless the age difference. I believe strongly in symbiotic relationships. At a particular time, Simbi decided to go mute on me and I did the same. I did, not because I planned it but life happened coincidentally. She never thought I would, but I did anyways. (I agree, that was petty of me sha). Thankfully, Simbi and I are back on track.

There is this school of thought that most people offer to help because of the help you have rendered in the past so they are obliged to pay back. Thats a symbiotic relationship, which is lovely but it ought not be, because you just never know. I won’t dwell on what help Simbi and I have offered each other in the past, but I have been a very good friend in times of need, likewise, her till date. For this, I am very grateful to God. I have never stopped loving her and will never (let me not lie to you, I wont wanna lose her friendship!).

Stand Tall Doing Good. Image Credit: bitmoji
Stand Tall Doing Good. Image Credit: bitmoji

This post is for us to stop in our tracks and realise it’s high time we checked our actions. Have you ever wondered why a certain friend stopped calling to gist or ask after your wellbeing? It might just be a mimic of you. Also, to you…’Simbi’s friend, you don’t have to stop being you to drive a point home because life might just have happened to Simbi too. So continue doing you, be sure to check on that friend today, remind them of what you’ve shared, tell them you value their friendship, tell them you love them…s/he might just be hanging on a thread of hope, only you can spin thicker. You just never know. Shoutout to all the ‘Simbis’ in our lives, we love ya!



N.B: I dont have a friend named Simbi but in case your name is, I love you!

Also, I crave for your ‘likes’ ‘shares’ and comments to be made on the blog and other social media platforms. Kindly help your girl fulfil her purpose. Thank you.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mayowa says:

    Very true!!!! It is human nature reacts to tit for tat. Thanks dear for the post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Exactly…that human nature is so present but mostly common with the female gender. You’re most welcome. dear. I appreciate your comment, May.


  2. Mayowa says:

    Sorry typo error “it is human nature to react to tit for tat”


  3. ojuola says:

    Love every bit of this piece ore mi’ simbi more grace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. priscasdiary says:

      Thanks, friend. I appreciate this comment.


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