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Jare: Just need to talk to you

Prisca: Yes, you probably thought we dated for longer and what’s my marital status got to do with you?

Jare: Nothing…just asking.

After a while,

Jared: Are you there?

Prisca: I guess you really don’t have anything to say.

Nah… Image Credit: Bitmoji


Jare: Got a lot to say, just be patient. Do you know we can still be good friends?

Prisca: I’m not hindering you. Go ahead, I’ll read and reply appropriately. Good friends? We ain’t enemies. Just in case you have it twisted, I don’t have any hard feeling towards you so what’s the need for being ‘good friends’???

Jare: Good friends as we used to be for those few months.

I: Forget it! It’s quite unfortunate that you think I will have something with you…a married man. Try that with your other ‘ex-es’, please. NOT ME. What we had was child’s play, even if you aren’t married, I wouldn’t date you anymore.

Jare: Why? Prisca, get me straight. I’m not trying to take words from your mouth; I’m only trying to let you know that if I’m not married there is nothing bad in it.

Prisca: I repeat, if you were not married, I can’t date you…that’s what I mean.

NOOO... Image Credit: Bitmoji
NOOO… Image Credit: Bitmoji

Jare: Prisca, on a more serious note, this can only mean you are nursing hard feelings against me. What is bad in getting married to whom you have known before? The devil you know, they say is better than an angel you don’t know. Moreover, whatever wrong I have done you, please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I: God is my witness, I never had and don’t have any hard feeling towards you. The reason I can’t date you even if you were not married, is personal… You’ll find a second wife in some other girl…not me. You didn’t do me any wrong in case you have been told that someone is angry at you. Like I said, it was all child’s play.

Jare: Prisca, I am not saying I need a second wife. I was only saying if I am to be single…

Prisca: We are friends on Facebook, that’s fine.

Jare: Priscilla!!!

Prisca: I can deduce that you have been advised by some clergies that you need forgiveness from your ex-es. I repeat, you have done me no wrong ooooo. Whatever it is that you want from God, will be done in Jesus name. Hope I am free?

Jare: See; let me set you straight with you, Prisca. Though I didn’t want to say it now but just to ease your curiousity on whether a clergy told me something or not. The point is that I’m not in marriage with anyone at the mo’. I don’t double-date or cheat. (We broke up on basis of cheating o…LOL).

Prisca: I’m not curious about anything. Just to clear my name from your list. I don’t have to be rude or block you before you get what I mean, do I? Because we aren’t saying the same thing. Whatever it is, I’m not interested.


TALK TO THE HAND... Image Credit: Bitmoji
TALK TO THE HAND… Image Credit: Bitmoji

Jare: Please let me ask you a question. What attitude of mine put you off when we were dating?

Prisca: I see you think I have time for frivolities. A quick reminder, what we had was child’s play.

Jare: Okay…child’s play. Can we be serious now?

Prisca: No, I’m in a beautiful relationship at the mo’. Even if I were not, I wouldn’t be interested whether you are married, single, separated, divorced or widowed. Not because you offended me, but for reasons best known to me.

Jare: You are still not happy with me.

Prisca: So I need to date you before I can be exonerated? I have nothing to prove to you. On second thoughts, please look inward and forgive yourself if you are not convinced.


SO OVER IT! Image Credit: Bitmoji
SO OVER IT! Image Credit: Bitmoji

I couldn’t go further on with discussion…it was getting weary. Two weeks later, he buzzed again and I felt I had to end it for good so I replied him:

Jare: Good morning. Hello, how are you?

Prisca: Hi, what’s the problem again?

Jare: No problem, baby.

Prisca: Obviously you have some mental issues. If not, you won’t be here using endearing words for me. I didn’t want to be rude but you have left me no choice.

Jare: Mental issues ke?

Prisca: Affirmative! How could you think that I, Prisca would stoop so low to entertain your fantasies? I strongly advise you to move on to the next on your list to vent your marital woes on, because I don’t care.

WHO CARES? Image Credit: Bitmoji
WHO CARES? Image Credit: Bitmoji


Jare: That’s rather rude. I was only joking now

Prisca: I’m afraid, you leave me no choice than to contact your wife and whoever deems fit with screenshots of this convo, if you continue with this charade. Buzz off my wall, better still unfriend me!

Jare got scared of that threat and unfriended me. I hope we have more of these convo in our inbox to make this world a better place. Ladies, it starts with you, saying ‘NO’.



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