Some peeps been waiting for this part of me, long time…

I understand some go into relationships with a vague knowledge of what it’s all about while some end up in nuptials with wrong choices even with full knowledge that they are in for a bumpy ride. These happen for various reasons: some claim age isn’t on their side; some claim ignorance at young age, some blame immaturity in beliefs/values, etc. All these are understandable but when it comes to staying true, there should be no wavering, no bickering, and no going back. It’s for better for worse. For some spinsters and bachelors, the main reason they have refused to catch the ‘bug’ is that they are scared stiff of extracurricular activities. Some call it trust issues. I won’t blame them because nobody wants to go through hell.

Today is another day for such stories! Honestly, I don’t know what came over Jare. I mean we dated for like six months and broke up…so what? I heard he got married much later to a beautiful lady…I am happy for him. But when Jare began to bug me with IMs on Facebook that I couldn’t take! You can’t tell me he didn’t know what he was doing at almost 40 years of age! I remember he started this some months to his wedding. He started asking about my location to which I had always ignored for weeks until 4 years later (2017), he started his usual banter again. This time, he wanted my mobile number. Of course, there was no encouragement from me, not because he was married but because I know he has nothing positive to offer me. The following conversation ensued:

Jare: Hello. How u dey? Prisca, please send me your mobile number.

I: I am good. Thanks…may I know why I should send my mobile number?

Jare: Just need to talk to you.

I: That’s obvious but may I know why?

Jare: Gimme your number please, a lot to be talked about, I’m serious.

I: What exactly do you want to say that can’t be said via this medium?

Jare: If you insist. Where are you at the mo’?

I: If you have something to talk about, like you implied I suggest you do so and stop asking for my location. You have been doing that since 2012 to no avail. Wouldn’t you rather stop?

Jare: C’mon baby, it isn’t like that.

I: Baby??? Are you sure you know who you are chatting with? Once again, I suggest you say what you have to say…I won’t reply your chats forever, you know?



Jare: Don’t do that Prisca, we were once lovers. Although it doesn’t change anything but just be patient because of that.

I: Lovers ke??? Abeg o! We once dated…for 6 months and that’s all and we were never intimate so get the correct version in case you have forgotten! Are you not married? So you have not been faithful to your wife?

Jare: You said we dated for six months? Prisca, candid talk…are you married?


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  1. Funmi says:

    Can not wait to read to the end..waiting patiently.

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