Wemimo and Sesan got wedded three years ago, after a very short period of courtship. It was a glamorous affair. Because Wemimo was the last born and only female child of Arc. Yemi & Dr. Wumi Olashile-Cole; Monarchs of The Cole Creations Empire.She had been expected to have wedded immediately she finished her studies at The Estonian Business School but to the amazement of her parents, she pursued her Masters Degree in Economics. Her four brothers each took after their father in Architecture, while she took after her mother in the area of business. I mean Dr. Wumi Olashile-Cole is a PhD holder in Business Administration. The family was indeed an empire with Arc Yemi Olashile-Cole as the CEO and Chief Architect while his wife was in charge of the finance department. The plan was for Wemimo to return home, marry Richard Olabanwo (the son of Arc Olashile-Cole’s closest friend) and step into her mother’s shoes as regards the company. But Wemmy had a totally different plan and she resiliently chased it. It was almost at the end of her quest for more knowledge at the London Business School, she met a fellow Nigerian though not in anyway affiliated to the school.

Wemmy in School  Image Credit:
Wemmy in School Image Credit:

Sesan was not born with a silver spoon; neither did he grow under any parental care as they died in a fire accident, few years after the last born clocked seven years. In other words, he was a hustler. Born and bred on the streets of Lagos, Sesan paved ways for his three younger siblings as the first-born of his parents. He did all sort of menial jobs, just to put food in his siblings’ tummies and somehow, see them through secondary school. Afterwards, they were left to fend for themselves anyhow they wanted. Luckily, he had two sisters and a brother; the two sisters got married immediately after secondary school so the brother, who was the last born, was able to continue his education.

The gods of fortune must have smiled on him when he was introduced to Wemimo by a mutual friend, because he could be said to be a ‘johnny just come to the abroad’. He had arrived The UK, not quite nine/ten months ago. He got there through ‘hustling’. Wemmy was smitten by his looks alone; now let’s not talk about his diction; it was impeccable. Lest I forget, Sesan never proceeded to any tertiary institution but you would never know if you were not told.

Sessy 'The Hustler'  Image Credit:
Sessy ‘The Hustler’ Image Credit:


Sessy saw a great opportunity in Wemmy and keyed in fast. Within four months of whirlwind romance, they returned to Nigeria for their wedding and decided to settle here, because Wemmy had to replace in her mother’s position in Business. Of course, Sessy was already set up in a freight business. Things were smooth as Wemmy had her first son within a year of marriage. Since she was so busy, she employed a matured house help. Later, she and Sessy decided one wasn’t enough because of the piling house chores and the baby, so they employed a second house help (younger one).

On a fateful day, all hell went loose when the first house help replied Wemmy rudely! The issue was dealt with appropriately but it re-occurred after some weeks. But this time, Sessy wasn’t at home to instill some discipline. While Wemmy was brooding about the house help’s actions, the younger house help came to her and asked if she could say something about the situation. At first, Wemmy wondered what correlation it had with what was on ground but she encouraged her all the same. That’s how hell was let loose: The nature of their jobs made Sessy the normally less busy one, so he was more available at home. Unknown to Wemmy, Sessy had been having an affair with the matured house help. She, the younger one reported that as soon as Madam was out of the house, the baby would be put in her care while Oga and her senior colleague would be busy in the room! At first, she didn’t suspect any foul play because it was common for her senior colleague to enter their matrimonial room to tidy up, while Oga was in there with  Madam’s authority. But the cat was let out of the bag some a month ago. The baby had just been fed and started his nap, so she needed to take a wrapper to back him so she could go about her own duties; she went into the room without knocking and found Oga sweating over her equally sweating senior colleague! They were so engrossed that they didn’t notice the intrusion, so she reversed and kept this to herself. She added that she was sure it wasn’t the first or the last time it happened, but she couldn’t report until she felt bad about her senior colleague’s rudeness to Madam

Wemimo went from different shades of pink to red. She was short of words, shocked to her marrow but remained calm like she always was. This was a girl she provided for; even took care of her parents from time to time. Some people even thought she was her younger sister because she never looked like the typical house help. Thankfully, Sesan was on a business trip so this helped her calm down. Even when he returned, she was able to play along. She struggled with the information she had; couldn’t tell anyone. She watched her husband closely but got no confirmation. It was as if Sessy had a premonition because he became extra caring and loving. This façade went on for like two weeks till she couldn’t take it any longer. Early on a Wednesday morning, she left for the office as usual. Only she didn’t get to the office, she drove into the next street and parked her car properly, called for a uber cab; alighted few houses from her residence. Quietly, she eased into her home; went straight into her bedroom with her phone camera set in the video mode, she caught them in action!!!

Caught in the act  Image Credit:
Caught in the act Image Credit:

Both house helps were sent packing, the marriage hit the rocks but survived after interventions from both sides of the family and the Pastors of their church. As a matter of fact, they have twin girls now.

What do you think? Did the different pedigrees have anything to do with this? If you were Wemimo, would you forgive and forget that kind of atrocity?  Does a leopard change its skin? Who and what was at fault? Do you think the marriage will really survive? For my male readers, can you forgive that? What would you have done differently? Kindly share your views in the comment box.


P.S: Real names and location withheld.

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