Gloria was a lady with beauty and brains. She represented her school in mathematics competitions during her secondary school days and brought glory to her school each time. She went on to study statistics at the Institution of Higher learning; bagged a first class in her first degree. She was immediately employed by her Alma Mata. So she did this, while furthering her studies. But as an adage says, you can’t have it all.

Towards the end of her secondary school days, she started a relationship with Maxwell. Of course, he had been on her case since he was transferred to her school. His sight beheld her beauty and wanted her at all cost. With no experience in things of the heart, Gloria fell for Maxwell’s charms; he was a bright student too. So this enhanced his scores with her.

At first, they started out being friends and graduated to being study partners till they started getting involved in ‘extra study’ (if you get what I mean). Gloria fell hard for Maxwell and this resulted in the first pregnancy. Naturally, you would think this would affect Gloria’s academics but it didn’t because Maxwell ‘took care’ of it. There is this knowledge; different bodies react differently to pregnancy and childbirth. Gloria’s body bounced back to normal as if she had been doing this all her life. This was the reason why nobody suspected anything. Asides, Maxwell was a master at the act; having ‘taken care’ of situations like this for various girls from his previous schools. Unknown to Gloria, he was notorious for this act. Thus, suspended from two or three schools.

Study Partners Image Credit:
Study Partners Image Credit:


Their love grew and knew no bounds. Even after secondary school, they continued because fate threw them together in the same University. They lived together as a couple, so they had unhindered access to each other and whenever Gloria got pregnant, Maxwell ‘took care’ of it. By the time they graduated, they had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Isn’t that just great? Since Gloria was an orphan, her elder siblings gave their blessings and they started living as husband and wife. The most alarming thing was that they continued ‘taking care’ of pregnancies after they got the blessings. Their excuse was that, they were not ready to start a family, just yet.

After five years, they were ready to start a family, but Gloria couldn’t get pregnant. So the quest for pregnancy began. She went for all sorts of tests and treatments to no avail. For another five years, they both sought for solution but all turned hopeless . She was told her womb had been damaged due to several abortions. Before this revelation, Maxwell’s family had begun to get impatient especially his mum; she wanted to see her grandchildren. After a while, he succumbed to his mother’s wishes and married a wife properly and the three lived together peacefully or so I thought.  Within a year, the wife (Mirabel) bore a son. The son was a splitting image of Maxwell. This brought joy into the home, including Gloria. Her belief was that she would conceive and bring forth her own children too (since she knew of cases where ladies who had more abortions than she did, but now have their own babies). Without any waste of time, Mirabel conceived again and bore a set of twins; a boy and a girl. So this threw Gloria into panic; she was fast becoming a glorified nanny! Surprisingly, the first son took to his step mum so much that people though he was Gloria’s son.


BABY BOY Image  Credit:
BABY BOY Image Credit:


After a while, Mirabel became rude to Gloria. So Maxwell had no choice than to move Gloria out of their home. Gloria felt bad about this decision but Maxwell assured her it was the best for her; he didn’t want anyone disrespecting her, since her inability to conceive was his fault too. This arrangement continued for years until tragedy struck. Maxwell had a fatal accident and died on the spot.



After his burial, the family met to decide how things will be shared but the lawyer called made it known that the deceased had no written will. In cases like that, the properties are shared between the wife and the offspring. The issue was how many wives did the deceased have? The law recognized only one…Mirabel! This is because Gloria and Maxwell only got blessings from Gloria’s family and they proceeded to live together while Maxwell married Mirabel legally. To resolve things, the family managed to give Gloria something. Gloria is somewhere living a very desolate life with no child, nothing to hold on to except her job…thankfully.

The lessons to be learnt from Gloria’s choices and decisions are numerous. Make yours wisely.

P.S: Real names withheld.

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