It has come to my notice that a lot of my readers are unable to view this post. Hence, the repost.

After longing so much to be in one of the yellow rooms, I got my much awaited dream not realizing that I was about to be locked in a sort of prison unfortunately created by myself. The rush and eagerness to start life in the yellow room was actually a blessing because I was able to fend for myself, see the world with a different eye (yorubanglish), etc. A curse, mainly because my relationship with God which I had great plans of reviving, not that it was dead though, gradually died! It was so horrible to the extent that my almost non-existent social life went into extinction because I had to ditch my weekends for my shifts. You know how the Yoruba saying goes…ti’bi ti’re ni’le aye (The world is full of the good and the bad). The only things that stood by me to weather the storms were grace and my values.

PS: I want to take time out to appreciate everyone who encouraged and contributed to the success of birthing this blog, born from a longing to put mine and other’s experiences into writing for both gleaning wisdom and pleasure. Therefore, I humbly request for replies, criticism, encouragements and all that comes with the package. Dear Readers, kindly welcome with love… Prisca’s Diary.


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