When you hear of ‘calico’, what comes to your mind? I have been married for almost seven months now; I can say with all sincerity, that I didnt get what I bargained for.

I met my hubby at a young age but as fate would have it, we parted ways and eventually lost contact. Social media was not popular back then, so our paths didn’t cross until three years ago. In my naivety and anxiousness, I thought him to be the same guy I used to date and we were quick to rekindle our love.

We were never involved in premarital sex, not because we both believed in it…at least he didn’t but he conceded because I insisted. So I thought I was covered. Lest I forget, our paths crossed at a church event strategically organised for singles. So this made me believe he was still the same guy I thought him to be. We dated for roughly three months (since I had known him like forever), I was confident I was making the right choice. The dates were chosen and plans were in full gear. He left no stone unturned, as he was and is still financially buoyant. He spoilt me with everything you could ever imagine a groom would want his wife to have; before the wedding he built another house on the same street where our home is, in my name…amongst other things.

Our wedding day was glamorous and life started. The first time I noticed something odd was on our honeymoon; when it was time to consummate the marriage, he insisted on switching off the lights. I wasn’t bothered because I was eager to finally eat the ‘forbidden’ fruit which is now ‘legal and just’ for me. That went on every time during the honeymoon without me suspecting a thing.

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When we returned back to reality after the moon, my husband continued his ritual of switching off the lights and the frequency of the intimacy reduced. I became suspicious as a newly wedded. I mean, I just started this business; the frequency shouldn’t be reduced just now. Amidst these suspicions, that’s when I noticed that asides from switching off the lights, his torso is always covered up like he is wearing a pair of pajamas shorts only that it’s not a pajamas, it’s actually a custom-made pair of shorts made from a material known as ‘Calico’ with a hole created for him to bring out his male part for the act. In those days, Calico was used to bury the dead.

I didn’t put all these information together the same day I noticed, but I continued snooping around until I got all these facts. Who do I blame for this? Not having pre-marital sex? Being too trustful? Prisca, now I know why I have been having miscarriages and bad dreams…babies crying from nowhere, masquerades and ghosts pursing me endlessly. No wonder he doesn’t really care when I cry about having my own babies. I see a monster each time I look at my husband since I got informed. Now, I’m at the verge of quitting but how do I quit without being asked the reason for quitting? Because he makes sure I don’t lack material things, even though I have an excellent job and a successful business I have always had since I was single. I’m scared about my safety. I have not found the courage to tell anyone else about this except you…not even my mother, because you don’t know me. Please, I need your readers’ advice on how to go about it. Thank you.

 *** CALICO : Baft or Teru (in yoruba).

Dear Readers, I’d like to read your views and advice on this sensitive issue. Kindly come to a sister’s rescue, she will be reading as well. I recieved quite a lot of confidential replies on the last post, which I will be sharing on my IG page (@priscasdiary) much later. You can also send comments to my e-mail ( for confidentiality.

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