For the next few weeks, I will be writing on different real experiences about this beautiful Institution God created, himself…Marriage. It’s not to gloat or apportion blames but to glean from.

As early as three years in marriage, I am already tired of my marriage.

In fact, I’m tired of the whole thing. My husband is a caring, godly man…good to our two kids but is that all marriage is all about? I’m at cross roads. I am a civil servant while my husband is a Pastor, though he is into some small-scale business which I manage sometimes when he isn’t available. We put resources together to make our marriage comfortable. I mean, we don’t go beyond our limits. When I have to stay late outside, my husband caters to the need of our munchkins. So we know how to manage ourselves. I know you are already wondering what the issue is then.

The issue is not far-fetched. My husband rarely gets tired when it comes to the affairs of the ‘other room’. He can go on and on and on! There is no single day he isn’t in the mood. I have rest when I’m on my period. It has gotten to a stage whereby I had to fake illness and no interest but this doesn’t faze him. He will go on as if his life depends on it. I have tried explaining, begging and counselling to no avail. He makes sure the kids are well-fed; all house chores are done so I can’t complain but what about my feelings, my choice? Yes, marriage is for better and for worse; his body is mine and mine is his but is it to my detriment? At first, I thought it was a good thing…it meant my hubby had eyes only for me. But when it continued a year after wedding, I began to see it as something else. My colleagues ask me each morning why I look tired and doze off at the drop of a hat, consecutively for two years but how can I explain that my beloved husband has almost finished me? Is this not the same as rape/abuse? During courtship, we kept ourselves chaste, though my hubby had been sexually active before he gave his life to Christ, and that’s when I met him, so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’m beginning to blame myself for being in a sexually pure courtship before marriage. If I had been active as well, I would have seen this coming and I would have made my choice…either to stay or bail out.

Just last week, I had to go to an elder’s house on the guise of visiting (their house is a 5minutes walk to mine). I sat there pretending I was visiting until it was time to go home, late at night. I had no choice than to open up to them about my predicament. They called my hubby the same night to their house while I waited and advised us to talk things out and level up.

Prisca, we have done so but to no avail. My husband is still adamant on finishing me! What can I do? Do I walk out or stay till he finishes me? Help share on your blog and let people advise me on steps to take before I go out of my mind. Thank you.

Dear Readers, I’d like to read your views and advice on this sensitive issue. Kindly come to a sister’s rescue, she will be reading as well.

N.B: If you have enjoyed this post, kindly use the share button and don’t forget to tag me @priscasdiary on IG and twitter/ Fikayo Akinsola on FB so she can follow the comments. Let’s make this post go viral, please. Thank you.


N.B: If you have enjoyed this post, kindly use the share button and don’t forget to tag me @priscasdiary on IG and twitter/ Fikayo Akinsola on FB so she can follow the comments. Let’s make this post go viral, please. Thank you.


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  1. Jay says:

    The irony of life. Have they considered it being a medical issue?? Maybe they should try to seek medical help.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      So sorry for replying late. By medical issue, do you mean psychiatric? Kindly buttress and thanks for reading, Jay.


  2. Temmy says:

    This a very serious case, l can’t advice her to walk of her marriage neither should she lose her mind. She said the husband has being advised to no avail, the husband may need more counseling from experts in the field, then the woman should also subject this issue to seriously prayers asking God work on the sexual urge of the man and as well give her grace for the sustainnance of her home, there is nothing that God cannot transform, and in the main time she needs to be patient . She shouldn’t give room to the devil to break her home, keep working on your marriage, don’t lose hope.


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