Small girl with a very big God; My version of the trend…

Tinuola was orphaned at a very young age of seven. Her mother died during child-birth when she was two years old. So, she never knew a mother’s love. She and the baby didn’t make it, meaning Tinuola was the only child of her mother. Before her mother passed, Tinuola’s dad married a second wife. This was just after Mama Tinuola bore her. His claim was that he had no use for female children. Unfortunately, the second wife bore him a daughter in the first year of their union. She was pregnant with the second daughter when he also passed on. Tinuola was barely some months into her seventh year. Her step mother faced her own daughters and Tinuola was at her mercy until her mother’s younger sister, Aunty Mope couldn’t bear what her niece was going through. She completed her primary school education and went on to secondary school before Aunty Mope’s health failed. Due to her health challenge, her business suffered, so Tinuola was left to face life all by herself.

Time came for her to write JAMB. But she could neither register nor sit for it due to financial constraints, so she turned to her childhood friends. These friends were fortunate to have comfortable parents. More so, they felt compassion for her. Throughout her university days, she was favoured and sponsored by these friends’ parents.

The moral of this story is perseverance. Tinuola remained true to herself, her values and most importantly, her Lord. She never wavered. She went on for her NYSC and returned to Lagos after successfully completion. Of course, she could have been employed at Kaduna, where she served but one of her friends had secured a fair job which she managed for a while until she met the man who became her husband. At the moment, she is doing very well and happily married with kids.

You might feel like you are alone in an unfortunate situation. Yours might be unemployment, yet to conceive, late marriage, broken/troubled marriage, being/been abused, academic delay, health issues, etc. This is to tell you that you are not alone. God is right there with you. You might say Tinuola was lucky she had good friends and you don’t have that priviledge. Please note that God truly never leaves His own. He sees the intent of our hearts and is very gracious. Can you imagine being at the mercy of your friends for one month, not to talk of four/five years? That means, her friends determined when she needed to change her hairdo. Imagine if she craved for hairs with frontals that she couldn’t afford at the time; change of wardrobe might mean ‘pass-me-downs’. Imagine if her friends were two/three sizes bigger than her, it means the pass-me-downs would have gone through some major surgeries before they could fit), choice of food, even change of underwear would have been a herculean task for her, etc.

So, Tinuola’s journey was far from smooth too. I’m sure there were days she must have cried out to God to ask why she of all people had to go through all she did. She should have prostituted her body in the process of using what she had to get what she needed. Don’t you think God would have understood her plight and forgiven her readily, since He is known to be gracious? But Tinuola didn’t and she is reaping the reward. God stays true to His words…’The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be as a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail’. (Isaiah 58:11) NKJV.

This post isn’t to condemn anyone who might have been forced into negative deeds just to make ends meet (not to satisfy extravagant desires). Rather, this is to remind you that Jesus Christ still cares for YOU and wants YOU, just as YOU are. He really wants to be your ONE AND ONLY BIG GOD.

N.B: Real names withheld.

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  1. ojuola says:

    Am Encouraged…… Tx @priscasdiary

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      I am glad. Thanks, Wura.


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