After a long weekend away from the Yellow Room, I resumed duty on Monday morning. For those who dont know  what the Yellow Room is , kindly here: THE YELLOW ROOM – PROLOGUE.  On getting to

the second floor which was my normal work station, Temilolu quickly gestured for me to come get my dose of ‘very hot gist’ before the morning rush began. Anyone who knows me, understands that I love my gists very hot. Quickly, I secured my system, logged in and rushed to her station. Note that Temilolu (Temmy) always has the most current and accurate gist at the Yellow Room. How she gets them, I don’t care and don’t wanna know as far as I’m being entertained.

Gist Corner
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The current gist was about a Team-Lead. She was allegedly caught pants down with a junior colleague at the canteen! The issue is not who she was caught with. rather, It was about: Who does such gross things at a canteen??? This world of ours is in fact, a disarray, if not why would you come to work with an intention on your mind? Or lemme say, if there was no plan to do that what caused it then? Temmy says it’s the call of nature! I beg your pardon, would you defeacate in a canteen because you couldn’t hold on to it any longer? Okay, even if the canteen is alright for this event, all of us at the Yellow Room were aware of cameras everywhere. According to Gospel according to ‘Saint F.J’, my friend who had been sampling plus-size chicks in the Yellow Room for the purpose of research for his upcoming book, the ‘eight floor’ is the appropriate place for that particular call of nature in the yellow room! Maybe because there are no cameras there…yet (if you havent read about F.J, kindly do so here: I WISH I HAD MET YOU BEFORE…

It was said that she (Team-Lead) came in for a night shift. During the long break, she went to the canteen and waited for her partner ‘in nature’ to start the agenda of the occasion. This is a lady who was vying for the vacant post of a manager. She had gone for series of interviews and she kept emerging tops. A lady, who was found to be very hard-working, there was hardly an issue brought to her notice that wasn’t resolved. She was a lady whose fashion sense was on point, like she was born to rule in the Board-room. Even when she was on night shift, she would still find a way to be semi-formal, unlike most of us that were always downright casual for night shifts. It bothers me that her village people were so much on her case that fateful day because I can almost beat my chest that it wasn’t their first. The long and short of it is that, she and her partner were indefinitely excused from the Yellow Room. The most painful thing to me about this hot gist is that the name of her partner ‘in nature’ isn’t known…at least by Temmy.

By the time Temmy finished her gist, the Yellow Room was full to capacity, with colleagues ready to conquer the day. I quickly moved to my station and started my work with a kinda gusto! I don’t know if it’s just me, but a gist as hot as what I just heard brings along with it, some energy. I looove me some hot gists!

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NOTE: Real names withheld.

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