Just when you think you have heard or seen it all, then something surpasses it!

After series of sexual harassment from males to females, I also have series of stories about females victimizing males! I can’t imagine how that happens easily, especially when the society makes it a taboo for a female to shoot her shot, not to talk of harassing.

Miriam, a girl in her final year at the institution of higher learning with a very lush body and very enchanting face, came on to her supervisor! Yes, you read right. She started out by sending messages on WhatsApp to initiate her mission. She was drawn to his complexion, build, friendly nature with students. Unfortunately, her supervisor Dr. Ariyo is a faithful man both to his marriage and his work. He tried bringing the gospel to her but she wouldn’t have any of it, saying he should put all religiousity aside and heed her pleas because she has many so-called religious men eating out of her palms. She continued so hard mostly though media. But the last straw that broke the carmel’s back was when Miriam came into Dr. Ariyo’s office, seductively clad. She told him not to worry about where and how they would get down, she would easily make some booking at a prestigious hotel in the heart of Lagos, where they would both give each utmost pleasure! She assured him. All the while, he couldn’t keep this drama to himself, so he called the notice of his colleagues to bear him witness to what was happening. Finally, he asked a female colleague to act as his wife, who gave Miriam some scares on WhatsApp. Thankfully, it worked and that was the end of Miriam. Immediately this happened, Miriam removed her picture from display and uploaded a status saying: “somebody is threatening my life!”

Another scenario was between two NYSC Corp members, while I was serving in Kaduna. I understand they have been satisfying each other’s sexual urge until Segi decided she wasn’t just having enough of the action! So she would leave her Primary Place of Assignment at a neighbouring town to come sit and stare at Michael in his own place of primary assignment. Michael is a trained Lab Scientist, so he was serving at a clinic. Segi would sit amidst the patients waiting to be attended to and feast her eyes on Michael!! This means Michael had no choice than to follow her straight to their rendevouz!!!

By now, you are wondering how I got to know. Michael stayed in the same compound as I with other Corp members. I had travelled back to Ibadan for my convocation. Coincidentally, Mike was the first person I saw at the gate when I returned to KD. I couldn’t believe my sight. At first, I thought it must have been the fact I had been away for a week but my curiousity didn’t allow me until I asked if he was alright. He became emotional and gave me the gist. The fact that he was a faithful and fervent brother at the fellowship made me wonder how he had time for all the extra activities. Being a very humorous guy, I laughed and asked him to tell me the real reason he looked so haggard. He repeated the same thing and plead I be vigilant.

Two days later, I and some other Corpers were in his room regaling our different school days when we heard a knock on the door. Someone opened thinking it was one of our colleagues. Yes, it was one of our colleagues, but it was Segi. She greeted us normally, dropped her luggage, picked her toiletries which she came with and disappeared into the convenience room. Our accommodation then was a room self-contain, so we thought she would make herself decent while in there. Minutes later, Segi came out clad in a skimpy towel, faced us (note that there were seven of us; three ladies, four guys including Mike) and spewed venom! She said ‘ Don’t you guys have your individual rooms?’

With different emotions ranging from shock, embarassment to anger we each left the room. I had both shock and confirmation edged on my face because it dawned on me that Bro Mike was serious with his gist. He complained he found it hard to say NO to Segi. One minute he was determined, another minute, he was in bed with her! It was that bad.

Thankfully, Michael found his way out of the thick web Segi wove around him, re-dedicated his life to Christ and renounced Segi. Yes, renounced because she had become an addiction for him even to the detriment of his health. Guess what happened next… Segi moved on to Badejo, Michael’s senior colleague at the Clinic!!!


The third scenario happened way back before I was born but I believe it because we have versions of such now. A lady at a certain institution of higher learning, published an announcement on a notice board at her department which read: “IN NEED OF A GIGOLO WHO HAS A STAMINA OF A HORSE…SHOULD BE READY TO STAY INDOORS SATISFYING ME FOR SEVEN DAYS”. Trust greatest Nigerian students! They showed up and she picked the one that caught her fancy the most. Reports have it that, the candidate ended up being hospitalised because by Day Three, he couldn’t go on. His horse-power had failed him! In my imagination, he was raped but not raped (please don’t ask me to elaborate, I can’t!).

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Real names withheld.

N.B: If you enjoyed reading this post, kindly click the share button. Let’s make this post go viral. Thank you.

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  1. @giggolo LoL. He should have used horse power to power the horse.

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      LOL…abi! Thanks, SAFEFOODCREWNIGERIA for dropping by.


  2. ojuola says:

    Raped for him 😴


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