Precious,  a well-mannered girl  posted to one of the Eastern states of Nigeria for NYSC got an opportunity to teach in a christian private secondary school to make more ‘available balance’ together with the stipend paid by the government, This opportunity was given to her through her hosts in the state capital at the time. She was promised prompt payment as usual. She in turn, poured in her all to serve the school.

Unfortunately, the administrator of the school didn’t hold his own end of the bargain. All he told Precious was that the school was in a sort of financial mess. This got more interesting when the permanent staff started complaining about being owed four months and it was almost christmas season (one would say this should have spurred the administration into paying their staff). Alas! They were not paid. The new year rolled in as usual, there was no ALERT. Some of the staff had to withdraw their wads from schools because they could hardly feed talk less of paying school fees. It would interest you to know that the administrator of the school is a ‘great leader’ in one of the well-known ‘bible believing churches’ with strict doctrines. All he had to say was that things were being sorted out.

Eventually, the staff including Precious was paid four out of five months outstanding salary/stipend. Precious felt she was not treated well after being consistent with the school. She went on to complain to the administrator that the stipend she was being paid was a tad too little to the services she was rendering. He, the administrator promised to add an agreed amount to the stipend and that was the end. Precious is through with her service but has not been paid for the last five months. She contacted the some of the staff and was told they had all been paid completely. She contacted the administrator, after trying to scope her that no staff had been paid and Precious stood her ground on the information she had, he succumbed and   promised to pay her on a certain date but nothing has been done till date.

Can anyone convince Precious that Christianity isn’t overrated? Especially since the administrator is supposed to be a very good christian.

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NOTE: Real names and location withheld.


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