Woke up as usual on this fateful day, with my mind on how not to run late for my afternoon shift at The Yellow Room. How could I have known that my village people had me in mind? What is wrong in a girl looking sharp? Quiet time√ Bathroom√ Breakfast√ Hair√ Makeup√ Shirt√ Pant Trousers√ Wallet√ Wristwatch√ Earrings√ Perfume√ Bunch of keys√ Handbag√. What could possibly go wrong? Normally, I don’t share bike rides for obvious reasons but this fateful day I had to share with my brother, who would alight after a short distance. I alighted when I got to my destination (a very crowded bus stop at Jakande Gate, Isolo). I had not walked much distance when I noticed I got a lot of stares. In my mind, I was like wow! I must be resplendent today! I was used to stares right from childhood days but this one today was just too much so I added a little panache to my steps. I mean, wouldn’t you in my shoes? Flaunt it, if you’ve got it, right?

I had not taken more than 6-7 steps when a bike man stopped by my side and begged me to hop on his bike, offering to take me back to wherever I came from for free! Calmly I asked why, he broke the shocking news to me…the seam of my pant-trousers had parted a little bit at a very sensitive area of my tush!!! Before I could show any dismay, another guy walked up with his jacket, telling me to return it whenever I was ready! I died briefly and resurrected immediately because the help I needed to recover from the shame was readily provided. So this was why everybody’s focus was directed at me and not a single female could walk up to tell me of my wardrobe malfunction? Females, what’s it with us really?? How I didn’t trend online that day can only be attributed to God’s Grace!

Quickly, I collected the jacket, tied it to my waist and hopped on the bike. He took me back home, waited for me to change and took me back to the bus stop without collecting a dime. I tried to force him into collecting some amount but he refused. Also, I returned the jacket to my Good Samaritan with embarrassed gratitude but hey! Who doesn’t have a rump? Though I missed the scheduled bus, still got to the Yellow Room in good time. Trust me, I avoided that particular pant trousers for a whole year! Unfortunately, there was no other route to get out of my Estate, would have used that for a month to ease the scene from reoccurring each time I went by the same spot.

Care to share your embarrassing moments with me?

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  1. OMG! On this na only u Waka come ooo. Lol. But like seriously wetin b girls prob nah we don’t have each other back. May God help u girls in ladies covering

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  2. priscasdiary says:

    LOL! I don’t understand why most of us behave like that? Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment, darl.


  3. Ogundiya says:

    Lovely piece. Thank God for timely help and inability of some miscreants to have uploaded it as another image tarnishing piece. And I still believe that rendering of help has a lot to do with your orientation about life and probably our various background, having nothing to do with our gender. Just that one would have expected quick help from someone of same gender but that’s the kind of world we have found ourselves now.

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  4. priscasdiary says:

    Thank God really. I agree with you about rendering help being about our orientation because I have found in both genders and rendered help too. Thank you for dropping by, Sir.


  5. Akinyemi Oluwatunmise says:

    LOL…Interesting. Mine was also at that Jakande estate on a Tuesday morning on my way to work. Took my time to dress up that day and was feeling like a beautiful lady until a reckless driver splashed dirty water on my white and blue strip dress. This thing really got to me that morning and had to rush back home to change the dress and ended up getting late to work. Some drivers can be so inconsiderate.

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  6. priscasdiary says:

    Awww, thats so bad of that driver. I can imagine the pain that slashed through my mind because you must have painstakingly chosen that dress. Pele dear. Thanks so much for dropping by.


  7. Abosede says:

    Whaoooo! What an embarrassing moment! I can imagine how you felt, it would have been as if the ground should open and swallow you. But thank God for the immediate help. Then, the thing is that some ladies are usually jealous of others esp. when they feel the other is more beautiful or well dressed than themselves. Hence, could be the reason why the ladies couldn’t tell you or render any help.

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  8. priscasdiary says:

    Hmm, thanks to God o! Wow! your reason for this feminine vileness is true in cases where both parties are acquanted in one way or the other, dont you think? Thanks dear, for reading.

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  9. Mayowa says:

    OMG!!!!! It is either tearing down each other down or never want to be of help to our fellow womenfolk. Thank God for the timely help but to you not so timeline. This made me laugh so hard “ so I added a little panache to my steps”🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

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  10. Mayowa says:

    *not so timely

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  11. priscasdiary says:

    May, there was no time to even show embarassment as I wanted to be back before the staff bus got to the park. I prayed another route would suddenly appear for me to take to work but there was no alternative route. I pray we, womenfolk change our ways. Jealousy is just too much in our DNA! That ‘panache’…if it were you, wouldn’t you have added it too? LOL! I’m glad it made you laugh.Thanks so much for reading and commenting, dear.


  12. Adelola Adegbembo says:

    I usually feel shy to walk up to a lady when something goes wrong with her clothing.I do think she might be embarrassed but with this write up,I need to change that mindset

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    1. priscasdiary says:

      Really? Shy? Then leave her to face greater embarrassment from the opposite sex?
      I’m so glad this will bring a change, though😀 and thanks for dropping by, Adelola😘


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